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Cordial provides a single view of real-time consumer behavior from all connected devices within a platform that helps marketers orchestrate cross channel/device messaging and personalization. Our mission is to create simpler ways to do complex things – faster so that retailers, publishers and online marketers can build better messaging experiences with their customers that drive lasting value exchanges. Built for the Online Marketer, but designed to allow developers and IT the flexibility to integrate in modern, scalable ways. We believe the fast will eat the slow and that flexibility is the cornerstone of innovation.

Located in sunny San Diego, we have a culture of transparency, free-spirits, hard work, and the desire to innovate technology to improve marketing. This is what drives us everyday.

Careers at Cordial

Do you want to help us solve how companies and services will plug into the smart home or smart city of the future in a way that revolutionizes the customer experience? Take a look at our Careers Page

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