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Cordial is an adaptive messaging platform empowering marketers to create, scale, and optimize personalized experiences across email and mobile.

Humble Beginnings

We’re a team of marketers, thought leaders, and technologists with over five decades of combined industry experience dedicated to humanizing communication between brands and their customers by delivering authentic 1:1 experiences at scale.

Over the past 15 years, the way people browse, shop and buy has changed dramatically but technology hasn’t been able to keep pace. This has resulted in a massive amount of frustration for marketers, who are experiencing a near constant shift in processes, vendors, and resources, and rely on legacy CRM platforms that are slow and outdated.

The hard truth is most people don’t like their email platform, which is why 30% of companies have switched their email providers in the past year, and continue to do so over and over again. Like us, they were searching for SOMETHING different that actually makes their lives easier and delivers on the rhetoric. Frustrated with the lack of innovation in the industry we loved, we decided to do something about it.

Cordial is the culmination of decades of shared experience and frustration with the status quo. Architected from the ground up on flexible database technology, the platform is able to truly deliver on the promise of 1:1 personalization, empowering marketers to once again create meaningful relationships with their customers.

$9 Million

in funding

150 clients

and counting

5 decades

of industry experience

The Founding Team

Jeremy Swift

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adam Gillespie

CoFounder & Chief Technical Officer

David Baker

CoFounder and Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

Chris McGreal

CoFounder- Product Leader

Our Investors

We are the company we keep, so we only work with the best.

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