With over 1/2 of marketers stating they will spend more budget on Analytics. What does that tell you? what should you be spending on and do we even define analytics the same way/?.   Cordial’s @social_c_r_m expounds on Analytics in a MediaPost column..


Ten years ago, it would take two to three months to build a predictive model. Now we have hundreds of thousands in play, even some that self-learn.

Five years ago, compiling a simple cross-channel report was a multi-functional effort. Now we have real-time dashboards that we can configure on the fly.

Last year we dreamed of automation and optimization with high degree of confidence in the outcomes. Now we can apply machine learning to in-market programs to take potential error out of what we know works.  Tomorrow is here.  As this quote from engineer and author W. Edwards Deming implies: “In God we trust; all others must bring data:”


Full article published on MediaPost



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