Adaptation to the Internet of Things (IoT) will be one of the most interesting developments in ESP and marketing software functionality for the coming 1 – 3 years.If this holiday is evidence of anything, it is that the future of shopping has changed. The in-home, and out of home device experience will likely tell you more about a consumer than their implied behaviour translated through clicks and impressions. The architectures will need to adapt, analytics, machine learning- all will need to rethink how they will support this.

The vision of Big data vs. point solution profile management will change how you look at ESPs and marketing automation vendors. How do we store more data, with less cost and provide some elasticity in the areas where marketers need it (audience and analytics).

I think the industry is up for grabs and marketers will have a few more options in 2015 vs. the big marketing cloud visions that rarely live up to expectations.e ecosystem for 2015. It’s a really fragmented space and with all the consolidation of the largest ESPs and recent infusion of capital within some of the niche providers.

We will see a new crop of consultants, agencies trying to capitalize on the need for speed. They will be pressed to do more than 101 optimization and think really hard about optimizing the mobile shopping experience. This will stretch many specialists to expand their customers’ brands past clicks and opens to mobile, mobile web, WAP to APP experiences and building strategy around episodes vs. promotions.

I don’t think this space is any more complex than it was 10 years ago, except there are a lot more options for consumers to burn their time. 2015 will prove that speed and adaptability wins.

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