Making the Complex- a little simpler

Making the Complex Simple Posted: David Baker @social_c_r_m For today, I’m here to help simplify your life. (Well, at least your e-mail program.) And most importantly, by doing this, I’m here to help you achieve something much more significant: making … Read More

How to think about digital “Re-Engagement”

Author: David Baker (originally posted on MediaPost) Outside of new customer acquisition, reactivating customers can be the most frustrating and expensive exercise you ever take on, also providing some of the worst performance metrics you’ll ever see. While there’s been … Read More

Before its Too Late: Just In Time Information

Before It’s Too Late: Just-In-Time Information Author:  David Baker The notion of Just-in-time (JIT) information is not new. It evolved from the concept of Just-in-time inventory used in automotive manufacturing, designed to make efficient use of materials to support real-time … Read More

Email is a recession proof channel

Originally posted on MediaPost Email Insider March 31, 2015   From time to time, people realize that email is that one channel that just won’t die. Recessions come and go and budgets remain. CAN-SPAM, CASL, state-level threats, International laws: not … Read More