Simms Jenkins does a take for ClickZ:

A look at what two intriguing entrants could bring into a crowded and mature market.

A great deal of innovation has happened in our humble and quietly thriving industry, especially over the last few years. There is a fascinating history of the email service providers (ESPs) and that itself is worthy of a column. The ESP market was quite interesting 15 years ago and since I was on the buy side I can say it looks really different now on all fronts. Progress is a good thing and typical of any industry.

The email technology platform/ESP side is very mature and has clear leaders. Most RFPs I see and hear about have the same cast of characters almost every time, at least in the enterprise market. There are an enormous amount of ESPs that cover all niches and frankly I don’t know how many are still around.

So to answer the title of this article I went right to the source. Jeremy Swift of brand-new messaging platform Cordial and Dan Roy of relatively new email hybrid platform MessageGears were apt to answer my question and their responses show promise and continued evolution in the email tech world – not stagnation as many have complained about for the past few years. Speed and data were the two key themes, plus one company is betting big that the Internet of Things presents a new opportunity for email marketers.

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