Case study

Lume Deodorant drives revenue growth through identity resolution and email automation

How a growing DTC brand seamlessly connects customer data points to personalize millions of automated messages


Lume Deodorant is a doctor-developed, aluminum-free Deodorant for Underarms & Private Parts. It’s clinically proven to provide 72 hours of long-lasting odor control on even the most sensitive skin. Lume was invented by Dr. Shannon Klingman. As a gynecologist and a woman, she realized the importance of empowering women to discreetly address odor concerns at home so they can confidently live their best lives knowing with certainty that Lume has got them covered.

Lume, by the numbers

530 k
web visitors
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The challenge

When Lume Deodorant started experiencing inefficiencies in testing, limited access to customer data, and drops in deliverability, the marketing technology team began evaluating Cordial as an alternative to their current provider. As Jordan Allen, Director of Marketing Technology explains, “Our previous ESP had pretty severe limitations on what, when, and where you could test. We had to do hacky workarounds to test even the most basic things, like a subject line for example.”

Fielding thousands of web visitors who browse and submit email addresses each day, Lume also needed a scalable way to handle contact tracking and identity resolution. The DTC brand sought to find a next-gen technology that would backfill and connect all of the web visitors’ previous interactions, as well as mobilize that data for future marketing campaigns. For example, “if someone browsed the site and submitted an email address, we wouldn’t have a way to send them an abandoned browse message,” Jordan explains.

Poor open rates due to deliverability were also negatively impacting Lume’s email marketing goals. “The week of Cyber Monday, our open rate dropped from around 20% to 2%, and naturally we panicked. We looked to see that all of our DNS records were installed correctly, thinking we’d done something wrong. Our previous ESP was zero help,” adds Jordan.

“It’s really important that when customers finally identify themselves to us, we know whether they’re just signing up for an email or making a purchase. Since switching to Cordial, our automations have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars every year in additional revenue, simply from the identity resolution piece.”

Jordan Allen, Director of Marketing Technology

Key Issue

Severe lack of testing functionality

Key Issue

Limited access to customer tracking data

Key Issue

Poor open rates due to deliverability issues

The solution

Through the vendor evaluation process, Lume was primarily looking for flexible technology and deliverability expertise. To continue driving business growth, Lume needed to build out custom coupon code programs, personalize emails based on historic purchases (using all available customer data), and ensure messages were to be delivered as expected. “Identity resolution ended up being the deciding factor for us,” Jordan shares. “When we were evaluating and comparing vendors, Cordial had an enterprise approach to identity resolution.”

Guiding Lume through DNS record implementation, meticulous testing, and tailored recommendations, Cordial’s deliverability team ensured that email deliveries remained steady through the migration process. “It’s tough to quantify the impact because since switching to Cordial, we haven’t had any deliverability issues,” explains Jordan. “If deliverability tanks, that could be $50,000 of lost revenue, but peace of mind is priceless. With our previous ESP it was, ‘let’s send and cross our fingers’ but with Cordial it’s, ‘we’ve got this, we have a finger on the pulse’ and that’s massive for us.”

The result

In the seven months since switching to Cordial, Lume has seen a significant increase in revenue tied to automated emails. Currently, only 7% of Lume’s messages are automated, but those messages generate 22% of total email revenue, and bring in 271% more revenue per message than batch sends. The marketing team is embracing the opportunity to optimize their email growth—they’ve hired a full-time employee dedicated to testing automations and maximizing the Cordial platform. “For example, with dynamic content blocks, we’re populating images based on a customer’s favorite scent. That level of personalization has an incremental impact on revenue,” adds Jordan.

Lume has generated thousands of dollars every month from being able to identify web visitors and connect all of the data points to truly personalize the customer experience. Jordan explains, “When we talk about the quantifiable impact that Cordial has had for Lume, identity resolution was a central driver for our evaluation and we’ve already seen significant results simply from that one piece. Cordial quadrupled our revenue generated from Abandon Browse campaigns.”

Key outcomes

average messages per month
email revenue
cordial quadrupled revenue generated from abandon browse campaigns
Of Lume’s messages are automated
email revenue
Total email revenue from automated messages
more revenue
More revenue per message generated from automated messages

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