We take Client Experience seriously

Different by design

When you become a Cordial client, our team of experts provide you with a custom onboarding experience unique to you, your business, and most importantly, your goals. From training and implementation to deliverability and strategy, we are committed to providing you with an engaging experience every step of the way.


Client Success

How many times have you heard “your success is our success”, and subsequently had less than successful experiences? At Cordial, we really mean it. Our number one goal as an organization? Creating advocates. We believe strongly that once an advocate, your growth and long-term partnership will come naturally. From the beginning, every client is assigned a Client Success Manager dedicated to learning your business, your customers, your goals and key challenges throughout the lifetime of your partnership with Cordial.


Cordial’s dedicated, in-house deliverability team ensures your messages make it to the inbox by creating a personalized plan designed to ramp, improve, and monitor your deliverability reputation and key KPI’s for the lifetime of our partnership.

Training and Support

Cordial’s end-to-end training and support ensures that our clients are expertly trained through live sessions, on-demand videos, a robust knowledge base and a rock star support staff.


Cordial makes migrating platforms easy by removing all the guesswork. Our team uses a proven methodology to plan and execute successful implementation for all of our clients. The result of this methodology? Enterprise brands implemented and mailing within 30 calendar days from signature date. Yes, really.


Cordial’s power and functionality is unparalleled and our Solutions team advises clients through simple implementations or complex custom integrations.


We’re big believers in the power of constant improvement here at Cordial and refuse to let our clients settle for anything less than the best. With years of industry experience across personalization, optimization, customer service, email, data management and technology stack integrations, our team will coach, challenge and encourage you and your teams to take calculated risks, implement new programs, reduce noise and stay hyper focused on goals.

Cordial is super flexible. We were on a different ESP before and didn’t get the same level of service. There are a lot of cool features. We’ve been able to do a lot of personalization, a lot of triggered campaigns and it’s made a big difference.
Jennifer FanDirector of Customer Retention
We brought you guys in to do a demo. It was good chemistry. We dug deep into your data problem and fell in love with it. We did a warm up in 5 weeks which was amazing. Cordial totally went above and beyond my expectations. We're green everywhere. Our deliverability is through the roof.
Andrew WattDirector of CRM
We've done a lot of automation and personalization which we weren't able to do before. That's huge for us. You guys allowed us to have what we needed to have a successful launch. We actually grew our email 120% year over year since we launched Cordial so that was huge.
Shreya KeyDirector of ECommerce
The flexibility of producing dynamic content.The ease of use with the actual UI. There were a lot of different aspects that really set it apart as a modern email platform that was well beyond what we were had been used to to previously. The Cordial team acted incredibly fast and was able to get us moved over in a matter of weeks.
Aaron PelanderVP of Marketing

Your legacy tech is holding you back

Rigid architecture and fragmented data are stifling your team’s innovation and making it hard to create engaging brand experiences. Learn why Cordial is the last messaging platform you will ever need.