1-800 Contacts migrated from their legacy ESP within 60 days

How the world’s largest contact lens store uses real-time data to unify its messaging and scale

1-800 Contacts Case Study

35 days

First marketing message sent within 35 days of contract signature


Of overall email revenue from automated messages

60 days

Completely migration from legacy provider within 60 days

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Founded in 1995, 1-800 Contacts is the world’s largest contact lens retailer, serving more than 10 million customers and filling hundreds of thousands of orders everyday.

Key Channels Used

Cordial helped 1-800 Contacts migrate off their legacy email service provider (ESP) within 60 days of engagement with Cordial, removing the need for two separate messaging platforms. Using Cordial’s flexible data architecture, 1-800 Contacts is now able to create a unified view of their customers and use real-time data to scale their messaging personalization strategy. They were also able to correct years of rushed and improper integrations, now creating streamlined internal processes and a more simplified and efficient marketing technology stack. 1-800 Contacts is now able to provide their customers with a unified, tailored messaging and buying experience that has increased engagement and promotes further brand loyalty.

The migration

1-800 Contacts found Cordial and became interested in their modern, flexible architecture, as well as hands-on Client Experience support. Because of this, 1-800 Contacts selected Cordial as its primary messaging platform and was able to send their first marketing message within 35 days of contract signature and completely migrated off their legacy ESP within 60 days.

The Cordial Client Experience team worked side-by-side with the 1-800 Contacts team to map data from their various marketing and business systems so that all data could be activated within Cordial to create real-time, personalized customer communications. Cordial’s dedicated email deliverability team also worked to proactively manage 1-800 Contact’s email sending reputation to ensure there were no issues with deliverability during the initial messaging sends.

"The experience has been a true partnership. Cordial was extremely engaged with our team, and they had a flawless IP warm-up plan, which they customized to our needs."

Andrew Watt, Director of CRM

Data and messaging unification

Creating tailored customer experiences begins with access to real-time customer data. Cordial’s first goal with the 1-800 Contacts team was to create a unified view of their customers. Through the use of Cordial’s REST API and Javascript listener, the 1-800 Contacts team was able to track customer behavior and event data across all their digital properties and activate it in real-time. They were then able to immediately use the data to build dynamic audience segments and send personalized promotional and triggered campaigns.

1-800 Contacts is also using Cordial Podium, Cordial’s highly visual campaign orchestration workflow tool. With Cordial Podium, 1-800 Contacts is able to create sophisticated message automations that adapt to changing customer signals. Using real-time streaming behavioral and event data, they have increased the level of personalization. Now, each customer communication builds on previous interactions, creating rich, tailored brand touchpoints that create engaged customers.

“We’re really excited about some of the innovations that are happening with Podium,” said Shannon Ma, an experienced email marketing specialist at 1-800 Contacts. “It has helped us improve and automate our existing campaigns.”

The result

With Cordial, 1-800 Contacts simplified their marketing technology stack and is now able to activate customer data in real-time to manage all messaging campaigns from one platform. While only 1% of 1-800 Contacts’ total message sends are automated, they account for roughly 10% of the company’s overall email revenue.

They also accelerated ability to test and learn, leading to a 10% improvement in key, targeted email programs. The team can now activate customer and business data in real-time and create tailored customer experiences at scale.

Easy-to-use platform and reliable customer service

Cordial has also helped the 1-800 Contacts team streamline their marketing campaign creation processes. “Cordial is the most simple and straightforward platform that I’ve ever used,” Ma said, who creates and manages about 10 to 20 promotional email campaigns a week, as well as 100 triggered and transactional campaigns.

“It’s such an intuitive interface,” Ma added. “You don’t have to jump through so many hoops like you do with other vendors’ dashboards. Instead, you get your message ready, set up a draft, schedule an audience, and you’re good to go.”

If Ma needs an email or campaign management best practice tip, she’s found Cordial to be a reliable and dedicated partner. “They are so responsive. I appreciate their continuous support and availability to help with any questions since the migration. It really feels like we’re on one team.”

"The Cordial team definitely lives up to their name and values. They truly care about our business and have been with us every step of the way."

Andrew Watt, Director of CRM

Why 1-800 Contacts chose Cordial:
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform
  • Access to real-time customer data
  • Reliable and dedicated customer service
  • Ability to improve and automate existing campaigns
  • One robust and flexible platform
  • Easy collection and use of data
  • Sophisticated messaging

Cordial strives to deliver the highest level of service to our partner brands. Collecting, storing, and managing massive volumes of customer data for our clients—and leveraging that data to deliver individualized messaging at scale—is the bread-and-butter of the Cordial platform. The AWS cloud services architecture enables unmatched scalability, reliability, and availability of this data with high security and compliance standards. These architectural requirements are critical underpinnings to the Cordial platform’s capabilities utilized by clients like 1-800 Contacts.