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Act on every brand interaction the second it happens

Cordial tracks every cross-channel brand interaction and stores it in a flexible database creating a single unified view of each customer. Marketers can immediately use this information to create custom user segments and trigger 1:1 personalized workflows.

Personalize every aspect of every message in real time

Cordial’s messaging templates adapt based on changing customer conditions and behaviors. The moment you hit “send”, the platform uses every available data point to programmatically create a message with the highest propensity for action.

Harness the power of machine-learning to supercharge testing

A/B tests only allow you to test one variable at a time and force you to wait for a “final answer”, which is rarely statistically significant. Cordial Experiments does the heavy lifting for you, testing every aspect of a message and optimizing in

Slice & dice real-time data to understand what is happening NOW

Cordial provide holistic view of every brand touchpoint, providing configurable dashboards that track every event in real-time. Marketers can also layer in audience segments to spot trends and take immediate action without having to rely on 3rd party analytics platforms.

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