How one sports equipment manufacturer increased email revenue by 760 percent

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The Problem

SKLZ relied heavily on out-of-the-box messaging capabilities of its website platform, but were only able to send batch-and-blast promotional emails and set-up rudimentary, automated message streams. This made personalized communication nearly impossible.

The Solution

Using Cordial’s REST-based API and Javascript listeners, SKLZ was able to collect behavioral and usage data from its customers, empowering SKLZ to begin cultivating a much deeper understanding of how its customers were interacting with its website. SKLZ could now leverage this data to have a more relevant and authentic dialogue with users. For a company betting big on Ecommerce, this information proved to be invaluable.

Key Results

As a result of their new personalized messaging strategy, SKLZ saw average order value increase by 59 percent, email transactions increased by 485 percent, and overall email revenue grow by 760 percent year-over-year.

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