Finally, a Marketing Tool for Developers, Too

Use What You Have

Remember the REST APIs you built for your last 100 (1,000?) integrations? Cordial can use those. Already exporting files for marketing to use? Cordial can use those, too. Want to try something new? Cordial’s REST API uses the verbs you expect (starting right with our engineer-friendly documentation). If you’ve ever used Swagger, you’ll feel right at home.

You Dream It, We Run It… and Fast

When you need to deliver a complicated template with multiple controlled experiments, variable blocks of content and the latest photos from the company Instagram feed, we’ve got your back.

Don’t worry about crunching numbers, mirroring photos or learning yet another API. Cordial abstracts complicated content tasks making them simple to implement with language constructs you’re sure to understand, then we run it and scale it automatically on our platform.

More Freedom for (and from) Marketing

Perhaps the greatest thing about Cordial is that we’ve delivered a rock-solid, developer friendly platform with a user experience that will delight your marketing department, too.

Your marketing team can tune any aspect of any campaign as needed, within the rules you create. Cordial caches heavy-hitting resources so they can be reused without stressing your existing systems (or stressing you).

Want to try it out? Take Cordial for a test drive and see how it works for you.

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