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Can you replace my ESP or integrate with my ESP?

You decide! You can completely replace your marketing automation technology OR implement steps to augment your existing marketing tech stack OR tap Cordial’s tech “a la carte” to suit your business. We are only interested in delighting you and your customers (and your developers), so we built this to offer options for adoption.

Are you an Analytics/Measurement company?

Yes and no. Rich audience behavioral analysis and event data visualization is a component of our solution, but we make customer intelligence actionable with email, mobile and IoT messaging. We have core competencies in data management, cross device messaging and analytics, and believe the analytics/measurement component of our product—and its real time capabilities—offer insights marketers haven’t had, or have previously had to wait on in order to make decisions.

How do you structure licensing for the Cordial platform? What are the costs?

We offer a flexible licensing model based on monthly messaging volume, event data management, and records under management. Contact us so we can learn more about your business and prescribe the right solution set and licensing model.

How can I test drive this?

We believe every business should have the chance to prove our technology is the right fit for their business before signing a contract. Tell us a little bit about your business so we can structure a proof of concept to meet your business objectives.

Where can I learn more on the technical side?

Cordial is designed to be friendly for marketers (and perhaps even more friendly for developers). We offer documentation on our APIs and other technical related information at

Who’s using it now and why?

We have many brands across retail, publishing, gaming, travel that are using Cordial in various ways. We have found smart marketers and technologists choose Cordial when they want to upgrade from their legacy ESP or want to add some advanced personalized messaging to their customer experiences. They quickly see the benefits of the flexibility of our data integration layer, lightning fast UX, segmentation and import speeds, adaptable APIs, personalized content engine, and how those interoperate.

What about deliverability management?

Cordial is run by veterans of the email space and so we have a comprehensive and effective deliverability strategy. Shared IPs, dedicated IPs, monitoring, remediation—we’ve done it for some of the highest volume mailers in the space and we bring this experience to each of our clients. Reaching the inbox or the phone or the app is our priority.

Event Collection? How do I apply that in a useful way?

It depends on what events mean to you. If an event is a Web event and your goal is to maximize an online behavior, there are myriad things you can do to deliver reactions, promotions or recommendations to clients in-the-moment. If an event is a purchase event and your goal is to upsell, or increase frequency of purchase, we direct you toward order data, product data, personalization and messaging sequencing. If an event is a signal from a smart device (e.g., a wired appliance or other device in the Internet of Things), then we can go even deeper. No matter how you’d like to capture and respond to event data, Cordial is at the forefront and can help you leverage every event to improve customer response.

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