Adaptive Messaging Platform Powered by Machine Learning

Our platform learns, understands, and even adapts messaging based on your customers’ actions in the moment.

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Event Data: Capture Customer Behavior In the Moment

Your customers are unique and so are their individual interactions with your brand.

  • Collect and store billions of customer behaviors across channels and devices.
  • Connect with your customers in real-time with content that responds to every click, search, swipe, browse, share, purchase, call.

Instantaneous Audience Discovery & Segmentation

Discover and develop audience profiles and segment based on historic and real-time customer behavior. Stop struggling to integrate 3rd party apps. Don’t wait for IT to run a query on your database.

  • Build multi-channel audience profiles for ad hoc & automated email and mobile campaigns.
  • Process hundreds of millions of customer attributes and events on the fly: device, geo, loyalty, browsed content, purchases, and more.

Real-Time Personalized Messaging Powered by Customer Behavior

Replace your existing email marketing solution or add event-based email triggers and mobile notifications.

  • Advance from basic personalization to behavioral-based products & content.
  • Engage your most valued customers with personalized loyalty rewards, relevant cross-sells, and more.
  • Message based on customer interactions with your brand: custom events, cart, browse, search, wish-list, back in stock, transactional messages.

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Testing & Optimization
Fueled by Machine Learning

Go beyond A/B testing with an unlimited number of variants including copy, creative, call to action, subject line, and more.

  • Cordial Experiments™ learns from customer responses to all the variables you’re testing and applies machine learning to rapidly adapt and improve response.
  • Ideate, test and refine with a real-time dashboard showing performance improvements across millions of permutations of your message.

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Actionable Insights with Event Analytics

Compare and correlate subscriber behavior with customizable dashboards to visualize events over time and layer in audiences and personas.

  • Identify profitable customer segments by merging multi-channel event behavior with actionable business intelligence.
  • View detailed customer trends, compare cohorts and audience growth over time, conversion funnels, and eligible audiences using custom dashboards.

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“We chose Cordial for their technology and team. Their vision for behavioral marketing perfectly aligns with things we want to do in the near future -- and some things, like their unique approach to content and data management, helped us launch a very large project quickly.”
- John Ken // Edmunds
“Cordial made an impact immediately, quickly addressing our email marketing challenges and filling gaps where our last vendor struggled. We needed to take our core messaging program to the next level and Cordial’s APIs and really simple implementation of triggers allowed us to onboard quickly and double our revenue in the first month.”
- Eric King // Shiekh Shoes
“We were able to onboard most programs in half a day and had perfect deliverability out of the gate...Cordial gave us a level of flexibility with content, rules, automations and testing that we couldn’t attempt with the bigger ESPs.”
- Mike Beckham // Tumbledeal
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