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InboxArmy is the swiss army knife of email marketing offering a full suite of services to fuel marketing success. Their team is capable of building, deploying, and managing a vast array of email marketing campaigns at scale. Cordial’s cross-channel marketing and data platform is well suited for InboxArmy who has both marketing and technologists working closely together to send personal, relevant and intelligent messages on behalf of their brands. InboxArmy particularly excels at overall project and campaign management -- building, deploying and managing email campaigns cost effectively, at scale.



Finding and hiring email marketing talent can be hard. Training and retaining them is even harder. Our email marketing company has solved your challenges once and for all. Whether you are looking for a dedicated email marketing resource or an entire team of email experts, we’ve got you covered. From seasoned email designers to rockstar email integrators and everything in between, our email marketing agency has the right person for the job – ready to perform. No more finding, hiring, training, and retaining. Our email marketing firm, InboxArmy, has served global brands and we also provide email marketing for agencies.

Service Offering

We are a full service email marketing agency offering targeted email marketing solutions and transparent packages for businesses worldwide--from strategy to development to execution.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Got an email marketing challenge you need to solve? Don’t have a clue where to start? We can help plan your email marketing strategy and prepare a roadmap.

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Email Campaign Management

Don’t have the time and resources to manage email campaigns? Let us help you build, deploy, and manage email marketing campaigns at scale.

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Email Marketing Automation

Plan, build and deploy smart and scalable email marketing automation programs that increase customer engagement and lifetime value.

Email Template Production

Get precise, well-executed email templates based on your specifications and brand guidelines at a price that’s well worth your investment.

ESP Vendor Evaluation & Migration

Facing constraints with your current ESP? Sit back and relax while our email marketing company helps you evaluate and migrate to a better ESP.

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Email Deliverability

Don’t let your email campaigns fail due to poor deliverability.