Your customers expect more than “Dear [firstname]"

Give your customers the personalized experiences they demand

Dynamic content and mail merges are too slow to keep up with the modern time, place, and device shifting customer. Marketers need a way to personalize at scale, without creating countless user segments and message variations.

Treat your customers like people, not personas

Cordial enables marketers to create and save hyper-specific audience segments in seconds using simple and/or statements. Audience counts are updated in real-time based on your inputs without the need for complicated queries or development support.

Remove the complexity of scale

Cordial uses data from anywhere in your tech stack to create a personalized message for each and every customer. Pull in data from multiple feeds and programmatically create individual messages using real-time behavioral, purchase, and event data.

Streamline production with smart templates

Cordial’s smart templating language programmatically compiles a unique message for each person based on what you know about them. Subject lines, imagery, content, products, recommendations, promotions, all queried in real-time, and built at the time of send, simplifying production and helping you move faster.

Your legacy tech is holding you back

Rigid architecture and fragmented data are stifling your team’s innovation and making it hard to create engaging brand experiences. Learn why Cordial is the last messaging platform you will ever need.