The insights you need when you need them

Better performance through real-time analytics and insights

Cordial’s integrated analytics dashboard gives you real-time insight about what is happening across your marketing stack right now so you can make decisions with confidence.

Create and export detailed campaign reports in seconds

Cordial makes it easy to communicate and share your wins. Quickly and easily export custom reports, or seamlessly integrate with your favorite reporting software using our REST API or FTP.

Track customer engagement in-message, on-site, or in-app

Cordial tracks customers across every digital touchpoint, collecting event, behavioral, and purchase data to give you a holistic picture of your cross-channel marketing activities. Cordial also tracks anonymous user data and automatically generates a customer profile the second a user converts.

Build custom dashboards that match your goals and environment

Cordial’s flexible reporting dashboards enable you to create custom snapshots of your marketing performance using virtually any data point or feed. Slice and dice your data and drill down into audience segments, campaign engagement, user trends, or device information, all from one UI.

Your legacy tech is holding you back

Rigid architecture and fragmented data are stifling your team’s innovation and making it hard to create engaging brand experiences. Learn why Cordial is the last messaging platform you will ever need.