Tailor Every Customer Touchpoint in

Podium, a brand new way to shape the customer experience.

Podium's intuitive visual interface enables you to tailor sophisticated orchestrations that flex and adapt to changing customer signals. Engage users, retain customers, and build mutually beneficial relationships that promote brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Personalize every step of the customer journey

Use multiple real-time data feeds from anywhere in your technology stack to create truly personalized communications throughout the customer journey. Welcome series, unique promo codes, re-engagement campaigns, there's no limit to what you can create in Podium's user friendly visual interface.

Create seamless, cross-channel buying experiences

Creating consistency is an important part of building trust and brand loyalty. With Podium you can connect email, SMS, and mobile push notifications to ensure that your customers can purchase your products when and where they want.

Respond in real-time to changing customer behavior

Content blocks created with the Sculpt Editor dynamically pull in content based on real-time customer data so every experience is unique and personalized.

Create measurable bottom-line impact

Ensure that every campaign is having a measurable business impact by setting goals and performance KPIs for each orchestration. View metrics and campaign stats directly within Podium’s interface and easily share results with other team members to communicate wins.

Your legacy tech is holding you back

Rigid architecture and fragmented data are stifling your team’s innovation and making it hard to create engaging brand experiences. Learn why Cordial is the last messaging platform you will ever need.