We make personalized communications easier, quicker, and more efficient

Cordial eliminates the complexities of one-to-one marketing at scale, creating a better experience for customers and driving more revenue for you.

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Deliver great experiences where they matter most

Customers are demanding more from brands than ever before. Cordial is built to drive personalized customer conversations on email, mobile and web for powerful brand experiences.

Go from this... To this

Have conversations instead of building journeys

How can you script a conversation you haven't had yet? Cordial’s flexible messaging templates adapt to changing individual customer behavior to make personalized lifecycle messaging a breeze.

Make decisions with confidence

Cordial captures every click, event, conversion, and purchase to create a rich portrait of every customer, allowing you to easily provide timely, relevant messaging.

Own the point of conversion

Always send the right message to the right person at the right time. Cordial enables behavioral and event-based triggered messages, personalized with relevant content, to capitalize on individual user intent.

You deserve a messaging platform that’s a bit more...well, Cordial!

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Go beyond A/B testing

Cordial uses machine-learning technology to automatically test hundreds of message combinations and elements to find the best performing solution rapidly and with absolute certainty.

Create loyalty through relevancy

Give your customers exactly what they want using real-time customer transaction and event data to deliver dynamic and personalized product recommendations in every message.

Keep track of your marketing across every touchpoint

Cordial's reporting and analytics features give a comprehensive understanding of every customer interaction and campaign, giving you the knowledge most relevant for your success.

Create dynamic personalized messages with point and click simplicity

Quickly create and save beautiful, programmatic message templates that offer marketers the ability to update content on the fly and easily create 1:1 personalized experiences.

We play well with others to simplify your life

We integrate and partner with industry-leading technologies to make sure we’re always ahead of the curve.

You deserve a messaging platform that’s a bit more...well, Cordial!

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