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How Cordial keeps track of all of your data

2 Minute Read

Brian RantsSales Director, Cordial

Marketing is about pivotal moments where you can either show up and create a memorable experience, miss the moment entirely, or show up in a way that creates a poor experience.

Nearly all customers (94%) surveyed by Qualtrics indicated they were very likely to purchase more from brands with a very good CX. Yet, how can marketers possibly achieve this at scale when data is scattered across an average of 5 different messaging platforms?

In this 3 minute video, Rachel Bergman, Cordial’s Chief Revenue Officer, talks about how “with every interaction within the same platform…regardless of channel, it really becomes a lot more simple…and hopefully a better user experience and a better consumer experience as well.”

The results of being able to activate all of your data from across your stack can be seen in the revenue growth of Purple, who increased Q4 revenue 263% year over year. Just as important, it can also be quantified in what it doesn’t impact – that is the task lists of your IT department and development resources.

“Part of Cordial’s real magic is its ability to ingest complex data, analyze it, and allow us to execute on those decisions in real time. New data sets and insights are available to us immediately – without having to involve our IT department or outside resources to match and map the data for us. Cordial does it all and does so instantaneously. No other platform can claim this ability and that’s a game-changer.”

– Scott Perry, Executive Vice President Digital @ Jerome’s Furniture featured in TheCustomer research paper

When everything you know about a customer is available to trigger any 1:1 message, so much is possible.