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Introducing the Sculpt Editor

Sculpt Editor makes Cordial’s most advanced personalization capabilities available in a native, user-friendly visual editor. Quickly build and save dynamic message templates using a drag-and-drop interface to create individualized experiences for your customers.



Drag and drop your way to beautiful messages

Drag and drop pre-built content blocks from the block library into your message template to create highly customized layouts that match your brand, without ever writing a line of code.


Customization is as simple as point and click

Edit and customize your content blocks using simple, intuitive form controls. Update colors with the color picker, change headlines and description text, add images from the image library, and much more.


Create 1:1 personalized messages in seconds

Content blocks created with the Sculpt Editor dynamically pull in content based on real-time customer data so every experience is unique and personalized.


Full code-level control over content blocks

Developers can build reusable content blocks with total control over editable elements using variables. Just choose which elements you want to be customizable and add variables within the block markup.


Build customizable forms for easy editing

Build powerful forms that enable the marketer to customize the content with ease. You can control the section and field names, define the field types, such as text, color, or image library, as well as provide default values, giving you total control over how content is edited during message creation.


Save templates for easy message creation

Create and save templates to be used as a starting point for messages. Templates can contain any of your customizable content blocks as well as non-editable content such as headers and footers, giving you control over which elements of the message can be updated by the marketer.

The new sculpt feature has already been a game changer. Email campaigns can be created in minutes and you have the flexibility to add as many blocks as you need.
Rob MitchellDigital Marketing Manager
We've been waiting for a tool like Sculpt! Sculpt empowers our graphic designers to work more quickly and our email team to work more efficiently.
Alexa YoshimotoRetention Marketing Specialist