Powerful personalization with drag-and-drop efficiency

Sculpt is an intuitive,100% native, drag-and-drop message editor that harnesses the power and flexibility of Cordial’s personalization engine. With Sculpt, you can create and save branded, personalized content blocks and build tailored customer experiences in minutes without support from development and IT teams.

Sculpt for Marketers

Sculpt for Developers

“Using Sculpt, we can go from idea to finished email so much more quickly. What used to be an long and complex process is now a fluid, collaborative effort.”

Alexa Yoshimoto
Retention Marketing Specialist


Simplify complex internal processes and operate more efficiently.

Increase revenue by bringing more campaigns to market more quickly.

Empower marketers and reduce dependency on development and IT resources.

Create all messages using one user-friendly drag and drop UI.

Learn how Cordial can help you build personalized messages in seconds

Join 200 of the world’s leading brands who use Cordial to build tailored customer experiences that drive bottom-line impact.

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