Cordial for Digital First and Subscription

Attract, convert, and retain with
real-time personalization

Your customers and subscribers have more choices than ever before, but when competition is fierce, great customer experiences win the day.

Test and validate new strategies quickly and easily

With Cordial, campaign creation is a breeze. Create personalized welcome, lifecycle, win-back, and re-engagement campaigns in minutes, not days or weeks. Operate more efficiently, reduce production cycles, and validate ideas with ease.

Personalize every message in real-time

Cordial enables marketers to quickly create personalized messages using smart, logic-driven templates. These templates use real-time customer data to programmatically pull in relevant content from any source or data feed at the time of send, delivering true 1:1 personalization for your business.

Meet your customers where they’re at

Cordial harnesses real-time and predictive consumer interactions to create behavior and event-driven triggered messages that improve customer experience and drive increased purchases, engagement, and performance.

Move beyond A/B testing. Optimize every message in real-time

Cordial Experiments uses machine-learning to automatically test and optimize hundreds of message variations in real-time, shifting message volume to the highest performing variants. This removes the need for manual A/B testing and helps you optimize your message streams faster.

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