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Create relevance in a loud, crowded landscape

In an era of rapid-fire content overload, Cordial makes content marketing more personalized, predictive, and productive so you can capture attention and keep users coming back.

Know your customers better than they know themselves

To build loyalty, you need to give your visitors a reason to keep coming back. Cordial’s comprehensive user profiles help you stay one step ahead by collecting real-time customer data from every corner of your tech stack to show you what people are reading, watching, and sharing.

Think programmatically and do more with less

Building static messages from customer segments is time consuming and treats every user the same. Cordial uses programmatic templates to automate message creation giving you unparalleled control over automations.

Create a seamless cross-channel experience

Your customers are consuming media on the go, wherever and whenever they happen to have a spare moment. With Cordial, you can communicate with your users on their own terms, with personalized content that spans devices and channels.

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