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Make personalization your
competitive advantage

Winning in retail has never been easy. The competition is fierce and customers are fickle. Cordial helps retailers deliver engaging personalized experiences that focus on customer experience first and helps retailers create competitive advantages only they can sustain.

Seamless integrations with leading technologies

Cordial integrates with leading Ecommerce technologies allowing you to seamlessly pass data back and forth in real-time. Use Cordial's powerful platform to create segment, personalize, and test to bring your business to the next level.

Testing and optimization powered by machine-learning

Cordial Experiments uses machine-learning to automatically test and optimize hundreds of message variations in real-time, shifting message volume to the highest performing variants. This removes the need for manual A/B testing and gets you to an answer faster.

Flexible data management

Cordial gives you insight into your customers every move, tracking mobile interactions and preferences as well as device type and location, providing a rich picture of user behavior and enabling personalized brand experiences via in-app messages or push notifications.

Real-time programmatic personalization

Cordial is like a Swiss Army Knife, integrating with your existing CMS, inventory management and point of sale technology, pulling in relevant data to personalize every message type with relevant content and products based on real-time customer data.

Unified promotional, triggered, and transactional messaging

If you’re like most retailers, you rely on a variety of disparate marketing technologies. Cordial treats all email the same, enabling you to send every message type from one integrated, user-friendly UI.

Behavior and event-based triggered messages

Cordial harnesses real-time and predictive consumer interactions to create behavior and event-driven triggered messages that improve customer experience and drive increased performance.

Cordial helps retailers send better email

Case Study

Teleflora Case Study

Learn how Teleflora reduced campaign creation time by 95%.

Teleflora Case Study
Case Study

SKLZ Case Study

Learn how SKLZ increased email revenue by 760%.

SKLZ Case Study
Case Study

GovX Case Study

Learn how GovX rearchitected their static journeys.

GovX Case Study

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