Create a real-time 360 degree view of your customer

When data is stored in different platforms or studios, it’s impossible to build a unified view of your customers. Cordial removes the need for redundant messaging platforms and allows you to unite data from anywhere in your marketing stack.

Send all marketing communications from one platform

Using two different platforms to send batch and triggered messages is expensive, inefficient, and results in poor customer experiences. Cordial can send promotional, triggered, transactional, and lifecycle messages from a single platform, enabling you to simplify and consolidate your customer communications.

Connect all customer touchpoints to create a tailored brand experience

Because all messages are sent from one platform, you can connect messages across channels without complicated integrations or workarounds, ensuring all customer communication is impactful and relevant.

Simplify internal campaign creation processes and operate more efficiently

Working in separate platforms, studios, and editors often requires multiple team members and can result in inconsistent brand experiences. Using Cordial, you can build all message types in a single UI making it fast and easy to create campaigns.

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Unify your stack: POS systems, Messaging, Social Media, Ad platforms, and more

Build consistent cross-channel campaigns

Create continuity between in-store and digital experiences

Use customer data to inform product recommendations

75% of retailers say Personalization is their #1 priority for 2019.


Make efficient use of your technology investment

Drive site traffic with personalized messaging

Use customer data to inform content recommendations

Connect, email, mobile, and social campaigns

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Andrew Watt, Director of CRM at 1800-Contacts, was using three different disparate messaging platforms to send marketing communications. Cordial was able to consolidate all messaging into one UI and connect it so every message is relevant and consistent.

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Days to migrate off Exact Target

Cordial is unbelievably flexible. We’ve been able to achieve a deep level of personalization that simply wasn’t possible with our previous ESP which has made a huge impact on our business.

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Revolve increased engagement 2X with personalized triggered messages.

The Cordial platform was so easy to set up and use. We completely replaced our legacy ESP within 30 days and saw an immediate benefit. We're operating much more efficiently and can now focus our time on new ideas and creative approaches.

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GovX replaced their legacy ESP in 30 days.

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