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Jeremy Swift

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy is a dedicated and passionate leader of our merry band of Cordialites.   He began his career as a founder of BlueHornet and led it to a successful acquisition to Digital River.  He then assumed various leadership roles at Digital River leading sales, marketing and client service cross a breadth.  He has a soft spot for not for profits as a co-founder of Gelper and believes there is an opportunity to make a big impact on our world by combining social good with the passion we have in business. He is our Chief Executive Officer and leading the vision and growth of our business.  A business and cultural leader, you can’t help but smile when you meet him and hear him talk about how he can help create a better world one person at a time.

Adam Gillespie

CoFounder & Chief Technical Officer

Adam is a die hard technologist who led BlueHornet as Chief Technology officer through to acquisition by Digital River.  He then assumed various Architect and Engineering leadership roles during his time there.  All the while launching BandFarm, a site/service designed to help budding artists market and promote their music.  Adam is a CoFounder and visionary for the Cordial Platform.   Taking this idea from a cocktail napkin to scaling it for hundreds of customers and millions on digital interactions he is Cordial’s not so secret weapon.   If you don’t see him married to his laptop, you may be able to catch him on a wave one early morning.  For those that meet Adam, he personifies the qualities we value most in Cordial,  smart people, stretching the limits but doing so in a Cordial way.

David Baker

CoFounder and Chief Operations Officer

David is a CoFounder and Chief Operations Officer for Cordial.   An industry veteran,  recognized for his thought leadership and key leadership roles in some of the most influential digital  agencies and  big data companies in the industry.   David has 20 years digital marketing expertise in leadership roles at Razorfish, Agency.com, Targetbase, and most recently driving all digital products at Acxiom..  He is that rare person that combines experience with vision and context.    While the operator for Cordial he can best be described as the one who always is thinking about the future, but managing to the present, whether its marketing, PR, thought leadership, product, or client engagement.

Chris McGreal

CoFounder- Product Leader

Chris is our product visionary and User Experience master. He led BlueHornet as Creative Director through the acquisition by Digital River, shifting his focus to product development and user experience, building SaaS products for the remainder of his 13+ years at BlueHornet. Chris is the driver of the product vision for Cordial. He has a core belief in building great products that people can use and as a founder was instrumental to our vision and how we build teams, processes and products that address real needs today and in the future. A free spirit and gifted musician, he is a cultural driver within Cordial. Hard not to follow someone as talented and open as Chris.

Eric Stablow

Director of Customer Experiences

Eric is our Director of Customer Experiences. A broad title, but illustrative of his 20 years of expertise in digital marketing. He led professional services at Silverpop through their growth years and has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the US. He is literally our rocket scientist, who is the one that has that background to combine technical with strategy with how do you get it done today with the constraints you have. He is responsible for delivering success with Cordial. While the most senior person in Cordial he is also likely the youngest in attitude- amazingly optimistic.

Adam Meshot

Director of Business Development

Adam is the Director of Business Development. After leading Digital River/BlueHornet’s sales channels for years, he was instrumental in establishing their reseller channels and foster that as a key growth channel for the business. Adam is responsible for aligning key partners that compliment and want to build around and with Cordial. A unique combination of strategic mind, tactical views and technical chops to explain technical to non-technical people, Adam is key to helping us build the most value through partners for our clients. He is also the iron man of the group and the one we live vicariously through when he talks of his 10 mile runs up hills, over snakes and through rivers.

Daniel Smith

IoT Architect

Daniel is an accomplished engineer and architect spending over a decade with DigitalRiver/Blue Hornet. He is the key architect for Cordial’s IoT and messaging platform strategy and a general engineering jack of all trades. From his experience building messaging platforms in the email world to ecommerce applications that streamlined online conversions and cart paths. He is probably the brightest guy in our company, but don’t tell him that. You’ll know him when you walk into the office , he will have all the electronics on his desk for every imaginable IoT consumer application. He may even measure how fast you walk through the office.

Brian Jackman

Director of Sales

Brian is the Director of Sales for Cordial. He is a veteran of the industry spending time with Responsys, Postfuture, MovableInk, and DigitalRiver/Blue Hornet. He has built his career around finding marketers and which platforms fit their needs. He is responsible for evangelizing the Cordial platform benefits to the market and building Cordial’s client base. Brian is one of the purest and complete thinkers we have come across and is magical at surfacing discussions that have value with our clients and prospects. While Brian is one of the most senior people in the company, he has an unbridled exuberance for what Cordial is doing and will likely tell you a few fishing or horse stories to help frame the discussion.

Angela Wang

Technical Operations Manager

Angela is our Technical Operations Manager. She is a savvy technical operations leader with 8 years experience with a variety of online technology companies, including DigitalRiver/Blue Hornet, Eventful, and CBS local. She is both an engineer, web developer mind with immense talent in building web applications and scaling those systems. She is a jack of all trades within Cordial and likely the most vivacious on our team. She is the one that understands everyone, and virtually technical aspects of product, operations and development, yet is the one that helps keep it “light” while the pressure is on.

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