Technology Integration Guide

To efficiently integrate with the Cordial platform, use this guide as a starting point. Below you'll find the necessary steps and contacts throughout the process.

First, please reach out to Cordial’s partnership team a to schedule an introductory meeting and assess an integration partnership.

Following the meeting and mNDA signature, you'll gain access to our technical documentation, as well as a future sandbox environment for development and testing your integration into Cordial.

After reviewing the documentation, reach out to to schedule a Cordial architecture review. This step is crucial in ensuring that we're aligned with technology integration best practices before you begin building in a sandbox environment.

To request a sandbox environment, provide the following information to

  • Admin’s first name, last name, and title
  • Admin’s email address
  • Preferred time zone

Leverage the documentation below as you build out the integration. If applicable, please also grant our technical team access to your sandbox account.

Technical questions? Schedule time with a Cordial solutions engineer by reaching out to the partnership team. Please send any relevant documentation and questions 72 hours in advance of an integration review.

Once the integration and documentation are complete, please submit the following information to to be added as an integration partner:

  • A short description (20-30 words) of your company
  • A full color company logo, preferably .png or .eps
  • Company website or preferred URL

Integration Documentation

Data management

Learn how data is stored and managed in the Cordial platform, recommended integrations, and links to other helpful resources.

Data collections

Learn how to import contacts, and how to pass order data and events (contact activities) to Cordial via the RESTful API and frontend JavaScript. This includes identifying contacts on your site and the events you would like to track.

Data exports

Learn how to export message analytics and events (contact activities) from the Cordial Data Platform to an external location.