Achieving Customer-Centric Email Marketing

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Do you want to do more personalization, implement better triggered messages, and achieve more optimization for your brand?

There’s a shift happening in the market right now. And your customers are to blame. It’s undeniable. Here’s why… Today’s consumers are channel-agnostic. They don’t think in terms of Facebook, Snapchat, email, web, and the like. Rather, they think holistically about your brand and its products and discover them on whichever channel happens to work at whatever time and place—and it’s time you start returning the favor. In this comprehensive guide we’ll teach you:

  • Icon How to create personalized, customer-centric experiences with specific examples using email
  • Icon How to leverage email automations and triggered messages, which put the customer back in the driver’s seat and allow you to create timely, relevant experiences at-scale
  • Icon How to apply testing and optimization methods to every message that create much more engaging, rich, and ultimately, customer-centric experiences

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