The Ultimate Guide to Testing & Optimization: Taking Your Emails from Good to Great

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Email testing as we know it is flawed. 38% of marketers say that A/B testing influenced ROI growth, but only 6% actually report that their content marketing efforts are ‘very effective’. So why the gap between good thinking and pragmatic execution?

The fact is that there are some fundamental flaws in how most marketing departments approach testing and optimization. Unfortunately, these flaws minimize and undermine the very reason we as marketers test in the first place, which is to improve results and ROI over time across the business.

Here at Cordial, we’ve created thousands of email campaigns over the years and we’ve compiled everything you need to know about Testing & Optimization in this comprehensive guide. Download this actionable guide and we’ll teach you:

  • How to choose testing methodologies based on the needs of your organization
  • Specific strategies  you can use to test in your email campaigns
  • How to create and align KPIs to your objectives
  • How to formulate of Experiments for instant & sustainable results
  • How to run successful tests and evaluate the outcomes
  • How to decide if you should prove or pivot

Who will benefit from this guide:

•  VP, Marketing
•  Digital Marketing Directors & Managers
•  Channel Marketing Managers (Web, Email, Mobile)
•  Directors of CRM


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