2023 Forrester Study

The Total Economic Impact™ of Cordial

To examine the potential return on investment for enterprise businesses, Cordial commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study based on a composite organization of Cordial clients.

In this 29-page study, you can learn detailed analysis on how Cordial customers achieved:

  • Increased revenue
  • Savings from retired solutions
  • Better customer service efficiency
  • Faster data preparation
  • Easier segmentation
  • Faster production


In total benefits over 3 years

with payback in less than 6 months


In incremental revenue

with more personalized, 
behavior-based campaigns

Back in your budget


"The data insights have been a real boon to us, solving problems and making decisions in real time..."

Senior VP of digital transformation, household goods retailer

“...It’s been a game changer for us on the customer data side… It’s a thousand percent more efficient… and way more reliable because I know that the data coming back is accurate.”

Executive VP of digital, furniture retailer

“Cordial gave us a lot of flexibility to try out new ideas and expand new channels… We don’t get the same experience working with other vendors”

Director of retention marketing, clothing retailer

“Cordial's service has been the real value, beyond the typical capabilities many providers have.”

Director of marketing, wine retailer