Orveon drives conversion with product quizzes & personalized recommendations

How a collective of premium beauty brands, bareMinerals, BUXOM, & Laura Mercier, leveraged personalized quizzes and built a dynamic product recommendation strategy.

Arrow pointing up50%

Increase in revenue per email

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Increase in average order value

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Higher email conversion rate


Founded in 2021, Orveon Global unites iconic cosmetics brands bareMinerals, BUXOM and Laura Mercier to pave the future of the industry and change beauty for the better.

Orveon Global
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Orveon, a leading beauty company, was looking to increase engagement and drive higher conversion rates across its brand websites, including bareMinerals, BUXOM, and Laura Mercier. By leveraging strategically designed product quizzes, Orveon was able to collect customer behavior and preference data. Orveon users of the Cordial platform were then able to send various recommendation campaigns with high levels of personalization. Such strategies included “Mega” Message  Algorithms and Dynamic Product Reccommendations.

Product Quizzes

These quizzes are strategically designed to captivate visitors by guiding them through a series of questions aimed at identifying the right products for their needs and preferences. By seamlessly integrating these quizzes into their online experience, Orveon not only enhances user engagement but also collects valuable customer data.

Product quiz results for bareMinerals and Laura Mercier:

  • 1.97M total impressions
  • 3x average conversion rate

Now equipped with valuable customer data from product quiz results, the Orveon team established a direct line of communication with their audience, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized product recommendations. These strategies ultimately drove higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

The “Mega” Message Algorithm

This block was designed so that the Orveon Marketing team has the ability to create highly personalized content in their email campaigns, and the ability to control the recommendation strategy they want from the Sculpt UI using simple drop-down editors.

Several algorithms were made available in the block, including:

  • Recently Carted Items (Dynamic)
  • Viewed Products (Dynamic)
  • Category Recommendations (Dynamic)
  • Bestsellers (Fixed)
  • New Arrivals (Fixed)
  • Static (Fixed)

The prioritization of these algorithms can be shifted around on the fly, allowing the Orveon team to quickly create personalization waterfalls that serve personalized content to customers (where data is available). The remaining products in the email are filled by fixed product recommendations. The Orveon team has the ability to select two personalized algorithms and a third fallback algorithm based on fixed product recommendations.

Category recommendations inform which products should be recommended to a customer, based on multiple data points. Cart and browse events are sifted through on a product level, which allows Orveon to generate a score at a category level for each customer. This score is dependent on a few factors:

  • The length of time since a product in that category was viewed, which declines over time. A customer viewing a product 60 days ago is a weaker signal than viewing one 7 days ago.
  • The ‘strength’ of the event. A customer abandoning their cart is a stronger signal of intent than simply viewing a product, so this action is a larger contributor to that category’s score.

The algorithm sifts through the product feed and ranks each product by category score for each customer, as well as sales performance of the product over the last 30 days. Customers are then served up a set of recommendations based on their strongest category signal, and the strongest performing products within that category.

To prevent any situation where customers see too many similar products, the “mega” message block also monitors and limits how much of one category can appear at one time, allowing Orveon to recommend a variety of suitable products to each customer.

"Cordial has helped us build product recommendation grids that pull in information from our website in real time and are personalized to each unique customer."

Nicole O'Brien, Executive Director of CRM

Dynamic Product Recommendations

The dynamic product recommendations block is similar to the “mega” message block in that it is driven by a waterfall model of logic that presents up to three recommended products to a customer based on a configurable set of field inputs.

Across the three Orveon brands, features for this block include:

  • Product and category suppressions
  • Quantity buffer
  • Enabling and disabling specific waterfall logic
    • Products that pair well together
    • Past order history
    • Cart items
    • Viewed products
    • Bestsellers

The addition of personalized product recommendations had a significant, positive impact for both the BUXOM and bareMinerals brands. For BUXOM, emails with product recommendations saw a 44% increase in revenue per email and a 1.5x higher conversion rate compared to emails without recommendations. Similarly, bareMinerals emails featuring recommendations delivered strong lifts across key metrics—a 56% increase in revenue per email, 1.4x higher conversion rate, and an 8.3% increase in average order value.

Both brands were able to see the revenue-driving power of personalized product recommendations, with sizable gains in revenue per email and conversion rate when recommendations were included. Leveraging customer data to provide targeted product suggestions is an impactful strategy for increasing key revenue and conversion metrics.

Each iteration of the product recommendations block improves as a result of Cordial’s partnership with Orveon. The flexibility of the Cordial platform helps Orveon to customize these recommendations over time, enabling each brand to provide the most value to its customers.

"Personalized content drives channel engagement, click through rates, and ultimately, conversion. We’re able to do all of this within Cordial, which is huge for us."

Nicole O'Brien, Executive Director of CRM

Looking ahead

Knowing the impact of customer data, like in the case of product quiz results, is foundational in designing messaging with dynamic content that is highly personalized. With a strong partnership and vision underway, Cordial and Orveon will continue to work together in pursuit of customer-centric campaigns and revenue-driven results.

“The Orveon and Cordial partnership is exciting and transformational,” said Salima Propatia, Chief Digital Officer. “What excites me most is to reimagine and rebuild a communication strategy for heritage brands like Laura Mercier, bareMinerals and our younger brand BUXOM on Cordial’s technology stack. These brands have troves of rich data and insights, and Cordial will unlock and empower our teams to communicate with our consumers in a modern, elevated and very relevant way for today.”