Messaging Activation

Empower your teams to work better, faster, and smarter

Cordial brings data + activation together so you can create better campaigns, faster. Let Cordial's native messaging activation tools help you bring more messages to market, decrease production time, and create deeply personal experiences for your customers.

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Align your teams to deliver messages across all channels, in a single platform.

Cordial's messaging activation tools like Message Builder, Cross-channel Orchestration Builder, and Audience Builder allow technology and marketing teams to work better together. Instead of using multiple platforms to build, test, experiment, and deploy messages, you can create sophisticated experiences from a single platform so you have the most agile marketing strategy.

  • For your marketing team Create sophisticated, personal messages from a single platform
  • For your technology team Develop reusable and scalable messaging workflows
  • For your customers Personal and relevant experiences with your company on every channel
Audience Builder

Segment your customers in milliseconds

Create audience segments based on countless rule sets and filters and watch your audience dynamically change, from initial build all the way up to the time of send—ensuring messages reflect up-to-the-minute customer behavior.

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Message Builder

Build reusable dynamic content blocks and on-brand templates

Message Builder is an agile, intuitive, native drag-and-drop email builder designed for marketers and technologists to activate the power of Cordial's Data Platform. Your developers can build dynamic content blocks and reusable message templates to your brand standards, and your marketing team can easily create messages in minutes without ongoing technical support.

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Example of Cordial Sculpt template builder
Cross-channel Orchestration Builder

Design relevant customer journeys

Connect campaigns, channels, data, and insights to design complex orchestrations that deliver the best customer experience. Create data-backed touchpoints that fit your brand—whether it’s integrating with complex business processes, testing the best cross-channel welcome sequence, or driving customers to social channels from within your mobile app.

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Example of Podium Orchestration user interface
Revolve brand photo of woman in yellow top with polka dot pants

Message Builder enables our graphic and email design teams to work more efficiently and launch campaigns faster. With Message Builder, we've reduced campaign creation time by roughly 30% per campaign and with the time saved, we've had the ability to add more tracking elements, tests and customization to each individual campaign.

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Learn about the rest of Cordial's cross-channel marketing and data platform

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Cross-channel Experiences

Transform your customer data into valuable brand experiences personalized to each person and channel, from acquisition to retention and loyalty.

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Data Platform

Collect all of your customer and business data from anywhere in your tech stack, and activate it for immediate use in your messaging programs.

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