Our agile UIs are designed to keep pace with your business—and your customers.

Agile user interfaces allow technologists and marketing teams to work better, faster, smarter together with workflow tools like Sculpt, our state-of-the-art CMS (think “headless” and more), Podium, our visual orchestration builder, and Kaleidoscope, our instant audience segmentation tool. Instead of using multiple platforms to build, test, experiment, and deploy communications, you can create sophisticated, personal messages from a single platform.




“Sculpt enables our graphic and email design teams to work more efficiently and launch campaigns faster. With Sculpt we've reduced campaign creation time by roughly 30% per campaign and with the time saved, we've had the ability to add more tracking elements, tests and customization to each individual campaign.”

Alexa Yoshimoto
Retention Marketing Specialist


To your marketing team: create sophisticated, personal messages from a single platform

To your technology team: develop reusable and scalable messaging workflows

To your customers: personal and relevant experiences with your brand on every channel

Align your teams to deliver personal messages across all your channels, at scale

Join the world's leading brands who partner with us to communicate cordially

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