We’re Cordial for a reason

We believe your client experience should be like the experience you strive to deliver to your customers.

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Our team will make Cordial as personal as your messages

Our team of digital experts, led by a personal Client Success Manager, will partner with you to streamline onboarding and implementation, optimize marketing strategies, and solve technical business use cases.

With years of industry experience across marketing technology, content personalization, campaign optimization, email, mobile, SMS, and enterprise integrations, you can trust you're in great hands throughout your entire tenure with Cordial.

Our Services

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Growth-focused strategy
Optimized marketing strategies and workflows

With the power of Cordial combined with the creativity of your team, there’s a lot of possibility. Every step of the way, our team will help bring your cross-channel messaging strategies to life. Customize Message Builder to fit your marketing workflow. Activate a new data feed to personalization or trigger messages. Bring Cordial messaging to your new app. Use data transformations to connect Cordial with your existing technologies.

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Accelerated Onboarding
90% faster implementation compared to legacy clouds

By combining people, process, and technology, our services team will help you send your first message in days, not months, and on your timeline. Unlike legacy platforms, Cordial can get you up and mailing on your schedule and not based on technology constraints.

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Stress-free migration
Maximize and improve email deliverability

Getting emails through to the inbox and ensuring your sending reputation is pristine is the top priority of our in-house Deliverability team. From building a customized ramp plan, to ensuring your emails are actually seen by your subscribers, our team will be there for you. No long support queues or response times here—we assign a deliverability expert to your account who will partner with you to maximize your deliverability, and in turn, your revenue.

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Customizable Technical Solutions
Solutions to complex business needs (like growing revenue)

Our solutions team advises clients through simple implementations or complex custom integrations. We can help with everything from website tagging and connecting real-time data feeds to best practices for activating data and implementing personalized content. We help clients build larger lists, generate higher revenue per message, drive customer loyalty, and maximize lifetime value.

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Marketing Agency Partners

An extension of your team

Looking for a fully or partially managed program? Our Cordial team will work hand-in-hand with your team and your chosen partner to combine the best in next-generation messaging technology with the brightest minds in digital marketing to deliver campaigns that engage customers for a lifetime.

Meet our marketing agency partners