Our team of digital experts takes an individual approach to every client interaction for our entire partnership.

Led by a personal Client Success Manager, our team will partner with you to streamline onboarding and implementation, optimize marketing strategies, and solve technical business use cases. From implementation and training to strategy and deliverability, we are committed to helping you make the most of our technology and expertise.

Optimized marketing strategies and workflows

Our team will help you optimize the technical flexibility of our platform to maximize your marketing agility. Customize Sculpt to fit your marketing workflow. Activate a new data feed to personalize or trigger messages. Bring Cordial Messaging to your new app. Use data transformations to connect Cordial with your existing technologies.

With years of industry experience across marketing technology, content personalization, campaign optimization, email, mobile, SMS, and enterprise integrations, our team will make Cordial as personal as your messages.

Streamlined onboarding and accelerated time-to-value

By combining people, process, and technology, our services team will help you send your first personal message in days, not months. Your migration won’t be about getting Cordial to parity with your prior platform, but rather making a step-function leap in your marketing strategy and workflow. Your investment in onboarding is a source of compounding return-on-investment.

Maximized email deliverability

For many of our clients, email is still the largest revenue-generating messaging channel. Our founders built one of the first email platforms ever, so let’s just say we get the importance of email deliverability. Our dedicated deliverability team will customize your migration to ensure you recapture your hard-won reputation.

Solutions to complex business needs (like growing revenue)

Our solutions team advises clients through simple implementations or complex custom integrations. We can help with everything from website tagging and trigger implementation to tailored data mapping workshops and best practices for adaptive content personalization. We help clients build larger lists, generate higher revenue per message, drive customer loyalty, and maximize lifetime value.

Agency and service partners

Looking for a fully managed program? We strategically partner with agencies to combine the best in next-generation messaging technology with the brightest minds in the digital and marketing industry to deliver campaigns that engage customers for a lifetime.

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