Activate unlimited amounts of customer data up-to-the-second and connect with complex business data, regardless of its structure or schema. Empower your teams to create, experiment, and validate their strategies in real-time, transform your processes, and deliver business-changing customer engagement.

Cordial Data Platform

The Cordial Data Platform collects all of your customer and business data from wherever it lives in your technology stack. With multiple real-time data feeds flowing into the platform, complex data is activated and ready for immediate use in your messaging programs.

Empower your marketing team to segment audiences, trigger automations, optimize content, and create personal messages based on your customers’ individual behavior and your ever-changing business data.

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Messaging Channels

Connect with every customer on the right device, at the right time, with the right message regardless of time, place, or stage in the customer journey. Leverage everything you know about your customers to create relevant brand experiences unique to each person and channel.

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Agile User Interfaces

Agile user interfaces allow technologists and marketers to work better, faster, smarter together with workflow tools like Sculpt, our state-of-the-art CMS (think “headless” and more), Podium, our visual orchestration builder, and Kaleidoscope, our instant audience segmentation tool.

Instead of using multiple platforms to build, test, experiment, and deploy communications, you can create sophisticated, personal messages from a single platform. Bring more campaigns to market, accelerate your time to value, reduce your spend, and create deeply personal experiences for your customers.

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