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Cross-channel messaging that’s personal, not just personalized

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It should be easier to send messages your customers love. Cordial's cross-channel platform is designed for agile marketing teams and technologists to send personal, relevant, and intelligent messages across any channel.

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Data Platform
Use real-time data to send a better message

Collect all of your customer and business data from anywhere in your tech stack, and activate it for immediate use in our cross-channel messaging platform.

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Messaging Activation
Empower your teams to work better, faster, and smarter

Align your teams to develop reusable, scalable messaging workflows that transform your business and customer data into personalized brand experiences.

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Cross-Channels Experiences
Deliver a personal, unified experience across all channels

Use marketing automation to tailor messages – from acquisition to retention and loyalty – to each person and channel– at time of send.

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"Cordial is the only platform we found that allows us to truly take advantage of all of our data. From our very first interaction with a user, we are able to send customized messages based on their interests. This increase in personalization has translated to a 12% increase in overall email revenue and 23% increase in overall email engagement since switching to Cordial."

Lauren Purcell, Senior Marketing Manager, Ancient Nutrition

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We’re Cordial for a reason—we’d love to meet your tech stack

Leverage our flexible data infrastructure to integrate with the tools you use to run your business. There’s no such thing as a black box here, so anything you put into Cordial, you can get out of Cordial.

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Strategy & Services

An individual approach to every client interaction

Our team of experts will partner with you to streamline onboarding and implementation, optimize cross-channel marketing strategies, and solve complex technical business use cases.

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Understanding Cross-Channel Marketing

The shopping experience is no longer confined to a single location or platform. Today’s consumers use multiple channels while looking for the goods they want, including using smartphone apps to browse. Connecting with customers with a cohesive message across all touchpoints is the essence of cross-channel marketing.

For example, you can use a cross-channel messaging platform to send emails when a customer leaves items in his or her virtual cart. Alternatively, you could send a push notification through a retailer’s app that notifies the shopper of an upcoming promotion.

When handled correctly, a cross-channel platform can strengthen the connection between a brand and its customers. When shoppers receive messages that are relevant to their interests and help them find new products they might be interested in, they are more likely to spend more and be more loyal.

Cordial’s cross-platform marketing automation lets your business harness the power of data and make the most of the opportunities afforded by your tech footprint. You can connect with your customers no matter where or how they interact with your brand, sending them thoughtful, personal messages that resonate and that they love.