Data Management

Mosaic is a hub where all of your customer and business data can be connected and activated. Data flows into Mosaic from wherever it lives in your technology stack and can be used immediately to create tailored customer experiences.

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Tillys uses Mosaic to unify customer data to connect their digital and in-store experiences.


Personalization Engine

Deliver tailored experiences at the precise moment customers are ready to engage. The ability to create messages using multiple real-time data feeds means you can draw on all previous customer touchpoints, whether they be in-store, on your website or within your mobile app.

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Ancient Nutrition uses Cordial to build 1:1 personalized experiences for their customers.



Identify and acquire customers at the top of the sales funnel with dynamic forms that encourage subscription and sign-up. Once acquired, you can track and engage users throughout the entire conversion funnel.

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"Primer is a huge part of our user acquisition strategy and has been instrumental to our online revenue growth. The best part is how much you can do simply by dragging and dropping. We’re able to setup a lead capture form or promotional banner within minutes and are capturing 1500 new users a month."

Ben Johnson

Senior Marketing Manager


Message Creation

Sculpt is our 100% native, drag-and-drop message editor that harnesses the power and flexibility of Cordial’s personalization engine. With Sculpt, you can create and save branded, personalized content blocks and build tailored customer experiences in minutes, without support from development and IT teams.

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"Using Sculpt, we can go from idea to finished email so much more quickly. What used to be a long and complex process is now a fluid, collaborative effort."

Alexa Yoshimoto

Retention Marketing Specialist


Cross-Channel Orchestration

Podium is an intuitive, visual campaign orchestration layer enabling you to build sophisticated orchestrations and deliver messages wherever your customers happen to be. Engage users, retain customers, and build mutually beneficial relationships that promote brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

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1-800 Contacts uses Podium to visualize their entire customer experience and create unified brand touchpoints.

Tailor the entire buyer’s journey

Your customers expect tailored, bespoke communications. Cordial enables you to connect cross-channel communications throughout their entire lifecycle, ensuring every touchpoint is relevant and engaging.


Identify users early and start building a profile, even before they convert.

Anonymous user data collection

Living customer profiles


Build your subscriber list with on-site conversion points that drive engagement.

Personalized lightboxes & webforms

One click email subscription

Web personalization


Give your customers the ability to engage with you when and where they want.

1:1 promotional messages

Personalized coupon codes

Product recommendations

Abandonment campaigns

Anniversary messages

Win-back campaigns


Drive repeat purchases and high LTV with personalized transactional messages.

Thank you messages

Order confirmations

Tracking notices

Refunds & exchanges


Create a lasting relationship with tailored lifecycle messages.

LTV milestone rewards

Referral promotions

Make Cordial your competitive advantage

Join 200 of the world’s leading brands who use Cordial to build tailored customer experiences that drive bottom-line impact.

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