Cordial is a next generation email platform built on real-time data

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Legacy email technologies were not built for what’s happening in real-time. WE ARE.

Our team of industry veterans have over 100 years of combined expertise. We get it, we've done it, and now we've purpose-built a platform that solves the real problems marketers face.

  • Better insight into customer behavior
  • Better message optimization
  • Better customer experiences
  • Better control of the customer journey

We built Cordial to:

Increase Customer Engagement

Customers expect and respond to personalized brand experiences. Cordial enables you to create engaging messages that convert by easily tailoring every digital touchpoint, message, and recommendation using real-time behavioral data.

Using Cordial we can easily manage and optimize email campaign performance for all our sites and messaging streams, allowing us to better engage with our customers and drive revenue growth Amy Malcom, Marketing Specialist
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Orchestrate a better customer journey

Consolidate and automate your marketing through one platform. Cordial sends all transactional, triggered, and promotional messaging across email, mobile, and web through one user-friendly interface.

Cordial was really easy to set up and use. Our team is saving so much time and is now able to focus on new ideas and creative approaches. Aaron Pelander, VP Marketing
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Implement in less than 30 days

We want you to be confident in your decisions for success. Our collaborative team can demonstrate the power of the platform with a proof-of-concept and truly painless migration. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, and make you look good in the process.

We saw value within a week of signing up with Cordial. We were completely onboarded within a few weeks and using features we were never able to implement previously. Mike Beckham, COO
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Here’s what we help you do

  • Create actionable customer profiles that combine behavioral, purchase, POS, and supplemental data
  • Enable dynamic personalization with flexible message templates that automatically pull in relevant content
  • Provide best in class message automation and orchestration, as well as programmatic testing and optimization.
  • Add smart product recommendations, powered by machine-learning, to any message type
  • Track campaign performance and learn about customer behavior with integrated reporting and event analytics
  • Integrate with every type of data and content source, so you can connect your marketing stack and work more efficiently
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