Over 200 companies use Cordial to build best-in-class customer experiences

Cordial is reinventing the outdated legacy marketing technology model

Consolidate redundant marketing technology, eliminate data silos, remove internal friction, and create brand experiences that drive bottom-line impact.

Podium's intuitive visual interface enables you to tailor sophisticated orchestrations that flex and adapt to changing customer signals.

Sculpt is an intuitive,100% native, drag-and-drop message editor that harnesses the power and flexibility of Cordial’s personalization engine. Build tailored customer experiences in minutes without support from development and IT teams.

Track, identify, and engage every visitor with tailored incentives that drive action and create standout brand experiences. The ability to identify anonymous visitors early on in the sales funnel will enable you to curate every aspect of their buying experience.

Cordial enables you to use an unlimited amount of real-time customer and business data to personalize every aspect of a message, unlocking true 1:1 personalization at a contact level, not a cohort level.

Consolidate and simplify your technology stack

Legacy marketing platforms are built on rigid, inflexible architecture that force you to fill gaps with multiple technology solutions. Cordial sends all marketing communications from a single platform which means messages are relevant, consistent, and engaging.

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1-8oo-Contacts consolidated ExactTarget and BounceX into Cordial and can now operate more efficiently.

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Organize and activate real-time customer data

Data is the foundation of successful marketing, which is why Cordial ingests, organizes, and activates data from anywhere and let's you use it the second it's generated for segmentation, personalization, automation. and testing.

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The Mighty uses Cordial to activate customer event data to trigger messages in real-time.

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Scale true 1:1 personalization

Create messages that use multiple real-time data feeds to draw on all previous customer touchpoints, whether they are in-store, on your website, or within your mobile app. All of this data works in concert to curate deeply contextual, personalized brand experiences that create customers and build brand loyalty.

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FTD uses real-time customer data to build 100% custom messages for each customer at the time of send.

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Connect cross-channel customer experiences

Podium is a visual campaign orchestration layer that enables you to create messaging experiences that flex and adapt to changing customer signals. Connect personalized marketing messaging across email, mobile push, in-app, web, and SMS to create rich, nuanced brand touchpoints.

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REVOLVE creates personallzed cross-channel campaigns to drive bottom line impact.

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We create client advocates

When you become a Cordial client, our team of experts provide you with a custom onboarding experience unique to you, your business, and most importantly, your goals. From training and implementation to deliverability and strategy, we are committed to providing you with an engaging experience every step of the way.

“The Cordial platform was so easy to set up and use. We completely replaced our legacy ESP within 30 days and saw an immediate benefit. We're operating much more efficiently and can now focus our time on new ideas and creative approaches.”

Since switching to Cordial email revenue is up 155% and conversion rate is up 232%. It’s unbelievable! The folks we are bringing to the site are ready and willing to convert!

“Cordial is unbelievably flexible. We’ve been able to achieve a deep level of personalization that simply wasn’t possible with our previous ESP which has made a huge impact on our business.”

“Cordial is the only platform we found that allows us to truly take advantage of all of our data. From our very first interaction with a user, we are able to send customized messages based on their interests. We can add real value to our users by offering related and useful information as well as products that could support them. And as their interests shift, our messages shift with them – automatically.”

"The Cordial platform was so easy to set up and use. We completely replaced our legacy ESP within 30 days and saw an immediate benefit. We're operating much more efficiently and can now focus our time on new ideas and creative approaches."

"Primer is a huge part of our user acquisition strategy and has been instrumental to our online revenue growth. The best part is how much you can do simply by dragging and dropping. We’re able to setup a lead capture form or promotional banner within minutes and are capturing 1500 new users a month."

Your legacy tech is holding you back

Rigid architecture and fragmented data are stifling your team’s innovation and making it hard to create engaging brand experiences. Learn why Cordial is the last messaging platform you will ever need.