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Cordial is the cross-channel marketing and data platform for customer-obsessed brands. We feel it should be easier to send messages your customers love. Cordial lets you collect all of your data in one platform, use it to build audience segments, design messages, and orchestrate campaigns across email, SMS, and mobile app – ultimately creating better campaigns, faster.

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A better message drives higher revenue


250x ROI

generated by Cordial clients. Achieve triple-digit
revenue growth in less than 30 days.

A better message uses all of your data


110 billion

customer data records transformed
and activated by Cordial in 2020.

A better message is programmatic

Palm leaves

90% faster

implementation than legacy marketing clouds.
Our enterprise clients are up and sending in less than 7 days.

A better message
generates higher revenue

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Cordial named a Strong Performer by Forrester Research

See why “Cordial’s culture and current offering are its strongest assets,” according to The Forrester WaveTM: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q1 2022

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Finally, marketer creativity and developer flexibility in one cross-channel marketing platform

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Replenishment campaigns

Trigger relevant messages based on product purchase history and replenishment data.


Complete the look

Trigger post-purchase messages with products curated by designers, brand ambassadors and influencers.

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Weather delay notifications

Weather can be unreliable, so make your post-purchase process proactive and reliable.


Customer spend cohorting

Assign monetary band attributes to contacts based on lifetime purchase history and product engagement.

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Gifting reminders

Send your customers thoughtful reminders to gift again the following year with marketing automation. No more missing anniversaries!

Affinity Icon

Category affinity

Deliver relevant offers for customers’ top categories, scored on purchase frequency and relevancy together with browsing behaviors.

Scoring Icon

Customer propensity scoring

Track sale, price, markdown sensitivity, seasonal shoppers, and lapsed users to inform personalized content blocks across channels.

Loyalty Icon

Loyalty reward certificates

Once a loyalty tier is reached, send reward certificates to mobile wallet and extend expiration date if unused.

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Personalized newsletters

Web and app browsing, purchase history, and real-time events can all be used to personalize your newsletter content.

Surveys Icon

Surveys and polls

Create a custom poll, quiz, or survey. Capture the details and use the data to further segment your database.

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Appointment reminders

Remind customers of upcoming events or appointments and surface relevant details they need to have on hand for their visit all in one message.

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Influencer marketing

Send promotional messages and change the From Name to the influencer, and include curated content and products unique to the influencer.

Finally, marketer creativity and developer flexibility in one platform

Seamlessly integrate Cordial with the business tools you already use to enhance your customer engagement solutions

“Cordial has driven triple-digit revenue growth in email automation. We’ve made more progress in email experience in three months than the previous three years on an enterprise level tool.”

Nick Schlegel, Marketing Director at Backcountry

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"[Cordial’s] empathy, authenticity, customer obsession, and ownership mentality bring a fresh take into a vendor landscape weary of commoditized feature sets."

The Forrester WaveTM: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2020
By Shar VanBoskirk, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester

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“If you work at Cordial, you have a lot of heart, in every sense of the word. The people are deeply caring and always try to bring their best selves to the table and step up for each other.”

Angela Wang, Technical Program Director at Cordial

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