Send a better message.

Make every message matter. Orchestrate personalized, impactful campaigns across email, SMS, mobile app, and more with Cordial.

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Example of a personalized email message powered by Cordial
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Build deeper understanding

with Cordial AI

Understand your customers

Cordial AI predicts behavior and preferred channels by understanding customer reactions to complex variables.

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Understand your messages

Analyze context beyond opens, clicks, or RPE, and use Cordial AI to generate high-performing programs and strategies.

Be understood

Meet A More Human UX with natural language interfaces and synthetic teammates for advanced tasks and analysis.

Integrate the solutions you love,

consolidate the ones you don’t

Cordial brings together data, profiles, channels, and triggers in one platform.

Customer data activation

Unify and activate customer data in real-time, eliminating the need for a separate customer data platform (CDP).

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Example of data flowing into Cordial and usage thereafter

Cross-channel messaging

Orchestrate targeted email, SMS, and mobile app marketing without the need for standalone email service providers (ESPs) or point solutions.

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Cordial cross-channel messaging example

Triggered messaging

Automate personalized triggered messages based on user behaviors, replacing the need for dedicated trigger tech.

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Triggered messages example

Identity resolution

Connect and match user identifiers across channels and devices to create unified customer profiles and eliminate the need for an identity resolution provider.

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Identity resolution example
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Execute smarter, faster marketing programs at scale

Unify your customer profiles and make every bit of data useful. Personalize every message, and respond to what your customers are doing in real time. Orchestrate campaigns, triggers and automations across email, SMS, and mobile app at massive scale. This is what a better message looks like.

How it works

Partner with marketing experts who understand you

Migrate with confidence. Solve complex data challenges that seem impossible. Take advantage of our user-friendly tools, or let us do it all for you. Cordial’s people and platform handle the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best: Drive results.

Why we're different
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Drive better outcomes

Cordial’s cross-channel messaging platform can be your most valuable martech investment. But don’t take our word for it. Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ or let our clients tell you their stories about how they learned to send a better message.

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higher RPM

Cordial’s event- and data-driven personalization returns 8x higher revenue per message than batch

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Average enterprise implementation with Cordial is 58 days, with first send in fewer than 30 days

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Enterprise clients can realize gains in less than 6 months by switching and consolidating