Unify your conversations. Make every message matter.

Speak to your customers with a single voice in every marketing channel. Cordial brings together your customer touchpoints across email, SMS, mobile, social, and more, so you can build the relationships that matter.

Cross-channel messaging example using Cordial

Elevate your most trusted channel

Email is the channel customers trust most. Your email marketing platform needs to be able to deliver the personal, relevant, and intelligent experiences that your customers demand, across all message types—batch, triggered, and transactional–with scale and speed. Get a demo and learn why so many enterprises trust Cordial with their most valuable channel.

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Email example with Cordial

Get your customers’ attention

SMS drives the highest-RPM messages, and Cordial has what you need to send promotional, triggered, and transactional SMS, the expertise to help you confidently navigate the complex compliance environment, and the platform to make your messages personalized – all at the scale your enterprise needs.

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SMS example with Cordial

Drive conversation and conversion

Your most loyal customers connect with your brand through mobile. Maximize the value of your mobile channel with in-app notifications, push messages, and inbox experiences personalized at scale. Cordial unifies your mobile conversations with your other channels, and Cordial AI helps you send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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Mobile example with Cordial

Grow your addressable audience

Turn visitors into loyal customers through lightboxes, modals, in-line forms, banners, and more. Use real-time customer behaviors to engage each visitor with personal and relevant incentives, or dynamically pull cart items into an exit modal to avoid abandoned carts.

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Exit intent web forms with Cordail

Connect a world of marketing solutions

Orchestrate the channels and partners you love from within Cordial. Our open channel lets you connect in real time to trigger messages with the third parties you rely on - direct mail, mobile wallet, browser notification, call center, CRM and more. Then use the data you collect to send smarter email, SMS and mobile messages.

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Open Channel with Cordial