With 580,000 web visitors browsing over 20,000 products, Paper Mart combines customer and business data to create a personalized shopping experience, resulting in a 180% increase in click-to-open rates and an 8.3% increase in average order value.


To promote the reopening of several U.S. stores, Lucky Brand strategically used store data to automate and personalize their messaging.


Ask us what Cordial does, and we’d say that we empower marketers to deliver messages that are personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent. Ask a Cordial client, and you might get a Twitter thread detailing an email campaign that takes full advantage of our technology.


The experience has been a true partnership. Cordial was extremely engaged with our team, and they had a flawless IP warm-up plan, which they customized to our needs.

Andrew Watt

Director of CRM

1-800 Contacts increased email revenue 17% year over year.

17 %


Cordial is the only platform we found that allows us to truly take advantage of all of our data. From our very first interaction with a user, we are able to send customized messages based on their interests. We can add real value to our users by offering related and useful information as well as products that could support them. And as their interests shift, our messages shift with them – automatically.

Lauren Purcell

Senior Marketing Manager


We experienced a drop in our deliverability to Gmail. Cordial was fast to catch it and quickly gave a strong recommendation on how to fix it. We spoke to multiple members of their deliverability team and they helped us adjust our send structure, update our segmentation and validate our DNS records. We were able to quickly improve our inbox placement and correct all of the issues.

Michael Cameron

VP of Marketing


Since switching to Cordial email revenue is up 155% and conversion rate is up 232%. It’s unbelievable! The folks we are bringing to the site are ready and willing to convert!

Jill Thomas

Former CMO

Edible Arrangements increased email revenue 155% year over year.

155 %


Cordial is unbelievably flexible. We’ve been able to achieve a deep level of personalization that simply wasn’t possible with our previous ESP which has made a huge impact on our business.

Jennifer Fan

Director of Customer Retention

Revolve increased engagement 2X with personalized triggered messages.

2 x


Using Cordial has been a night and day improvement over our legacy ESP. After just three weeks we saw performance and revenue increases across multiple campaigns. Through our abandon cart series, we’re driving more users to our site, email revenue is up 15% YOY, and average order value has jumped by almost 30%.

Allison McGuire

Marketing Director


Using Cordial has been like night and day compared to our old ESP. We’re now able to build and test audience segments on the fly without relying on development support and we’ve reduced our campaign creation time and send time by over 75%.

Nate Muller

VP of Product

HumbleBundle reduced campaign creation time by 75%.

75 %


The Cordial platform was so easy to set up and use. We completely replaced our legacy ESP within 30 days and saw an immediate benefit. We're operating much more efficiently and can now focus our time on new ideas and creative approaches.

Aaron Pelander

VP of Marketing

GovX replaced their legacy ESP in 30 days.



Our team has seen tremendous value since switching to Cordial. In our first month alone, we increased our open rate by 30% by using Cordial Experiments to test send times and subject lines.

Zachary Rothberg

Technology and Analytics Lead

Beauty Bakerie increased email open rates by 30%

30 %


We've been able to achieve a level of automation and personalization that we never could before with other ESPs. This has been huge for us.

Kizzy Ezirio

Director of UX and Digital Experience

SKLZ Increased email revenue 120% year over year.

120 %


Cordial is a huge part of our user acquisition strategy and has been instrumental to our online revenue growth. The best part is how much you can do simply by dragging and dropping. We’re able to setup a lead capture form or promotional banner within minutes and are capturing 1500 new users a month.

Ben Johnson

Senior Marketing Manager

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