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Cordial’s integration solutions are robust and flexible, so you can spend more time making use of your data instead of worrying about it.

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Turnkey solutions

More data means more opportunities to send messages, and more ways to personalize. Cordial has an ever-growing set of integrations with eCommerce, data warehouse, content augmentation, analytics solutions, and more, to make getting data in as simple as it can be.

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Universal connector

Have a loyalty partner you love? Special use case for geolocation data? Catalog stuck in a legacy platform? No problem. Cordial’s universal connector supports both real-time and asynchronous transfer at scale, so you can keep the partners you love to work with and consolidate the rest.

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"All our valuable first-party data from Cordial is now instantly available and query-able alongside our hundreds of other data sources in Snowflake, so we can easily marry up a variety of data points to gain new insights about our business."

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"The ability to pull data from multiple sources and how fast that data can be leveraged for personalization can only be possible with Cordial. In other platforms, I'd need a NASCAR team of developers to implement what Cordial does."