Build relationships, not just lists

A better conversation with your customers starts with speaking to them as individuals. Cordial gives you all the tools you need to personalize your marketing at scale.

Example of person realizing a message tailored to them via Cordial

Drive RPM with personalization at enterprise scale

Customers respond when your messages are personal, relevant, and intelligent. Cordial enables you to speak 1:1 across any message in any channel. Our platform makes it simple to action on all of your data - user behavior, purchase history, product information - in our platform or in your technology stack.

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Lift engagement with a smarter cross-channel strategy

Become more relevant to your customers with triggered emails based on real-time behaviors. Land in your customers’ inbox when they’ve abandoned their cart, send an in-app notification when their favorite item is back in stock, or reach out by SMS when a price drops - this is cross-channel marketing made smarter.

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Drive conversions by leveraging your data

Use AI-driven models to send more intelligent messages. Cordial AI predicts the right channel to send, the right frequency to communicate, and even the right products to put in front of your customers. Go even further by layering in our Identity+ product to drive personalized experiences even when a customer isn’t logged in.

Personalized message example

Understand your customers to send a better message

When you understand, you can predict, and when you can predict, you can automate. When you know your customers’ reactions to complex variables, you can anticipate their behavior—and how to drive the results your business cares about. Learn more about how Cordial AI is powering the future of personalization.

Personalized message from Cordial
Boot Barn boots

"There’s a perfect marriage between what we’re looking to do with offers and what Cordial does. With over 6.5 million contacts, plus the ability to segment our audiences like never before, we are going to be sending a ton of highly personalized outreach."

John Hazen, Chief Digital Officer, Boot Barn

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