Orchestrate a better customer experience

Every message is part of a conversation. Cordial’s cross-channel orchestration tools make it easy to design intelligent journeys that keep your customers engaged with personalized content across email, SMS, mobile, and more.

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Let your customers lead the way

Trigger messages based on what your customers are doing right now. Using Cordial’s advanced data platform, you can engage your customers at precisely the moment they’re most likely to respond.

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Create complex journeys with ease

Your relationship with your customers is the sum of all your interactions. Take advantage of Cordial’s no-code tools to create complex, contextual triggers and automations across all your messaging channels…in one place.

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Experiment to learn faster

Simultaneously test multiple variants, campaigns, and automations by using A|B|n testing and machine learning. Optimize each campaign at a granular level. Cordial’s advanced experimentation tools power faster test-and-learn cycles.

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Measure performance to drive revenue

Actionable analytics support you at every step. Inline reports help you set goals and optimize. Access real-time engagement and conversion data at every point of the workflow to identify blockers or drop-off points.

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Understand your customers with AI

Leverage Cordial’s advanced predictive models to maximize value and minimize churn. Cordial AI determines the right channel, frequency, and timing to drive more engagement and conversion. Improve single campaigns, run content experiments, or optimize entire strategies to drive the results your business needs.

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