Cordial AI: Better understanding to drive better results

Cordial AI is about understanding - understanding your customers, your messages, and you, the marketer. When you understand, you can predict, and when you can predict, you can automate - this is the future of sending a better message.

Marketer working on computer with AI powered assistance

Understand your customers

to drive the right conversations

When you understand your customer you send the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. Cordial AI analyzes how your customers react to complex variables, so you can predict the right audience for the results you want to achieve, how likely your customers are to churn, the right channel and frequency, and the right content to trigger an action.

Product recommendations

Utilize advanced machine learning to analyze your customers' behaviors, preferences, and purchase history, to predict personalized recommendations that resonate.

Example of product recommedations powered by Cordial AI

Send time optimization

Analyze contacts’ past engagement, order history, browsing, and cart activity to calculate optimal send time to increase engagement.

Example of send time optimization powered by Cordial AI

Predict channel

Analyze past behaviors and predict the ideal channel your customers are most likely to engage with across email, SMS, and mobile app at a 1:1 message level.

Example of predict channel powered by Cordial AI

*coming soon

Predict frequency

Better understand your customers, when they are engaged and when to back off to ensure the relationship is maintained. Personal frequency caps allow for adaptive message volume.

Example of predict frequency powered by Cordial AI

*coming soon

Understand your messages

to generate impact

Cordial AI deeply analyzes your message content, extracting dozens of variables to understand both content and context. While others look at just clicks and opens, Cordial AI gives you a full understanding of what really matters: The factors that contribute to message performance and customer conversion.

Generative message content

Swiftly generate email subject lines and cross-channel messaging content to speed up the production process and spark creativity.

Example of generative message content with Cordial AI

Message analysis

Pinpoint the key factors that drive message performance, customer engagement, and conversion to optimize high-impact campaigns that deliver results.

Example of message analysis with Cordial AI

Block <> audience predictions

Deliver the unique generative message content most likely to achieve business goals across all audiences at scale.

Example of block and audience predictions with Cordial AI

*coming soon

Generative Sculpt block assembly

Using block level predictions we will create the perfect message for you. Generated from Sculpt blocks and a deep understanding of your customer and the messages that resonate with them.

Example of generative Sculpt block assembly with Cordial AI

*coming soon

Be understood with

A More Human UX

Marketers should get to focus on what they love - strategy and creativity. Cordial AI is powering a More Human UX, with natural language interfaces and synthetic teammates who can quickly accomplish advanced tasks and analysis. Cordial AI is the platform that understands marketers.

Natural language audience builder

Build complex rulesets and audience segments through an easy-to-use natural language interface.

Example of natural language audience builder with Cordial AI

Virtual AI teammate

Collaborate with AI virtual teammates through Slack, Teams, email, chat, and more using natural language to perform routine tasks and generate marketing programs.

Example of Virtual AI teammate with Cordial AI

Natural language customer analytics

Gain insights and effortlessly generate reports using plain language.

Example of natural language customer analytics with Cordial AI

*coming soon

Goal optimization

Create, scale, and optimize strategic marketing programs to achieve business goals faster.

Goal optimization example with Cordial AI

*coming soon