The power and flexibility of a CDP, built for marketers

Combine all your data sources into a single, centralized database to make everything actionable. Unify your view of your customers, then use your data to send them all a better message.

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Unified customer profiles for a full picture

Say goodbye to fragmented systems that give you only a partial view of your customers. With Cordial’s profile unification, any first-party data you capture is instantly available to every channel so you can create the relationships your customers demand.

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Data from anywhere

Cordial’s real-time customer data platform collects contact, event, behavior, product, and purchase data from all of your systems, from mobile apps and web sites to POS systems and connected devices. Centralize everything to reduce duplication and make all your data actionable.

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Transformations to get more from your data

Let native data transformation and modeling tools take care of the heavy lifting. Transform existing data sets, generate net-new values to use inside or outside of Cordial, or bring your own predictive models. Our native reverse ETL functionality makes it easy to get the most out of your data.

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Segmentation at scale

You need to find the right audience, fast. CDP architecture, combined with advanced segmentation tools, lets you create complex audiences from large data sets in moments - even with millions of contacts. And with real-time data streaming, your audiences will be updated right up to the moment of send.

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Orchestrations for a symphony of data

Set up triggers when a user abandons your site. Build multi-step automation journeys to welcome new customers, or re-activate old ones. Create campaigns across any or all of your channels to drive conversion, or use AI to help you decide which channel and what cadence are best. Personalize everything at scale, in real time. Make the most of your data to make the most of your customer relationships.

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No black boxes

It’s your data. Connect with Snowflake or your cloud platform, or export just the data you need - with Cordial there are no black boxes and no limits on how you access your data.

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