Flexible, scalable, and future-proof data platform

Stream all of your real-time customer and business data into Cordial, regardless of its structure or schema, and empower your marketing team with visual workflows and reusable dynamic blocks.

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Finally a real-time personalization platform developers love


Let the scale of your data work for you

Cordial offers an enterprise-ready Data Platform for as many real-time data sources that you want to enable: web, mobile, in-store, POS, CRM, CDP, eCommerce, beacons, other marketing platforms, and pretty much anything available via REST.


Invest in high ROI digital workflows

By developing reusable and scalable messaging workflows in Message Builder, our headless messaging CMS, and Cross-channel Orchestration Builder, your marketing team can quickly create new cross-channel campaigns without draining technical resources.


Activate your data and transform your messaging

Import, export, and transform data in real-time. Our data transformation workflows allow you to transform existing data as well as generate net-new values for use inside or outside the platform, including all your messages.


Begin streaming on day one

With infinite data feeds flowing into our Data Platform, complex data is activated and ready for immediate use in your messaging programs. Empower your marketing team to segment audiences, trigger automations, optimize content, and create personal messages in one platform.


One messaging and data platform to rule them all

Legacy marketing platforms were built for simpler data. Cordial was built on a modern data management platform, activated and available for each channel and each message type. So you can deploy all your current, and all your future, marketing strategies.


Work smarter (together), not harder

Once implementation is complete, marketers can send complex personalized messages with minimal help from your technology team. They can edit text, images, and links without touching the code, increasing agility and decreasing time to QA and errors.

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"Part of Cordial’s real magic is its ability to ingest complex data, analyze it, and allow us to execute on those decisions in real time. New data sets and insights are available to us immediately – without having to involve our IT department or outside resources to match and map the data for us. Cordial does it all and does so instantaneously. No other platform can claim this ability and that’s a game-changer."

Scott Perry, Executive Vice President Digital, Jerome's Furniture

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