Messaging Activation / Audience Builder

Query millions of customers and attributes in milliseconds

Create audience segments based on real-time data to ensure messages reflect recent customer behavior all the way up to the time of send with Cordial’s segmentation tool.

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Real-time audience building

Create audience segments based on myriad rule sets and filters and watch your audience dynamically change, from initial build all the way up to the time of send—ensuring messages reflect real-time customer behavior. Never worry about using a stale list again!

Easily query millions of records for deeper insights

Combine multiple data sources to create complex rules and rule sets using contact attributes, purchase activities, custom events, list memberships, and more. Cordial’s segment audience builder features a flexible data structure that allows you to quickly access each data source for on the fly audience sizing to give you deeper insight to your customers. For example, quickly get a count of how many customers purchased your promoted product after opening any email in the last seven days. Even if your subscriber count is in the millions, the Mosaic customer segmentation builder can answer these questions for you in the blink of an eye.

Create high-value audiences and connect with them anywhere

Once created, audiences can be used across Cordial for campaign segmentation, triggered campaigns, analytics, and monitoring trends over time. With Cordial's Google Ads and Facebook integrations, connect with your customers wherever they are when they are ready to buy.

Audience Builder is making waves

The Forrester Wave™: EMSPs, Q2 2020, cites how Cordial “ingests and stores an unlimited amount of any type of data and returns queries off of hundreds of millions of attributes in subseconds.” It’s all true—Cordial's data infrastructure opens up boundless possibilities for your marketing team.

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"There’s a perfect marriage between what we’re looking to do with offers and what Cordial does. With over 6.5 million contacts, plus the ability to segment our audiences like never before, we are going to be sending a ton of highly personalized outreach. We’re potentially looking at something like 2 to 3 billion emails a year."

John Hazen, Chief Digital Officer, Boot Barn

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