“Anonymous” is your least valuable customer

You can’t talk to your customers if you don’t know who they are. Cordial provides powerful solutions to identify more of your anonymous traffic, so you can send them high-value messages or reactivate their relationship with your brand.

Person with identity powered data from Cordial

Unify to recognize

Cordial’s CDP integrates all of the disparate identifiers from your channels and point solutions, and unifies them into a single master customer profile. Speak to your customers with a single voice across devices, channels, and interactions.

Profile identity

Trigger messages that convert

Once you recognize a customer, trigger high-value messages, like cart abandon, back-in-stock, and price drop. Reactivate dormant profiles with re-engagement messages. Use multiple channels to create a cohesive journey, or choose a single channel to drive the action you want.

Make the most of anonymous traffic with Identity+

Recognize up to 20% more of your audience and convert more customers, faster, with Identity+. Connect and match online identifiers from browsers, device IDs, email addresses, and more to illuminate anonymous website visitors, and improve conversion across channels.

Identity resolution examples

Future-proof your customer data strategy

Cordial's identity graph combines partner-agnostic data sources and self-learning capabilities to constantly evolve. Disparate identifiers are automatically merged into unified profiles to stand the test of time as technology and regulations evolve.

Blocks showing identity resolution