Unlock the buying potential of anonymous site visitors

Leverage Identity+, Cordial’s cutting-edge identity graph to resolve anonymous users and engage more customers across channels.

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More insight into your audience

Cordial's real-time identity graph connects and matches online identifiers from browsers, device IDs, email addresses, and more to illuminate anonymous website visitors. This enables you to recognize up to 30% more of your audience and convert more customers - faster.

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Connect the dots to a single customer

Cordial integrates all the disparate identifiers from your various platforms and channels them into a unified, up-to-date customer profile. This creates a frictionless customer experience across devices, channels, and interactions with your company.

Turn data into revenue

Combine identity resolution with the power of data management and marketing execution across channels – to trigger messaging campaigns (like abandoned cart, back-in-stock notifications, and more) to increase conversion and drive revenue.

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Quantify the revenue impact

Cordial’s Identity Dashboard automatically tracks incremental lift in identified contacts and attributed revenue from resolved identities so you can see exactly how much our identity graph is driving impact. On average, clients have seen a 20-30% lift in identified contacts—turning what would’ve just been traffic numbers for a website into a customizable sales opportunity.

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Future-proof your customer data strategy

Cordial's identity graph combines partner-agnostic data sources and self-learning capabilities to constantly evolve. Disparate identifiers are automatically merged into unified profiles to stand the test of time as technology and regulations evolve.

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"Cordial’s ID Graph has had a massive impact on the revenue we generate from our abandoned cart emails. The Cordial team projected a 40% improvement in the volume of abandoned cart consumers we could reach out to, and we have more than doubled that projection."

Joe Bernard, Marketing Manager, Saatva

Identity and convert more customers—faster.


Recognize and identify more contacts anonymously browsing your site through rich first-party data, such as on a new browser or device.


Connect and match identifiers of anonymous users to a known single customer profile in real-time to never miss out on buying signals.


Increase conversion through enriched data for more effective targeting, intelligent personalization, and improved ROI.