Take your most trusted channel, email, to the next level

Consumers demand relevant brand experiences. With Cordial's email marketing platform we make sure you’re getting it right across all message types—batch, triggered, and transactional– so you can drive significant revenue.

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Example of email functionality with Cordial
Leverage customer and business data to personalize email content at time of send

Add, activate, and use any type of customer and business data in your email marketing. This means contact data, real-time behaviors, product info and inventory, supply chain data, store data, content feeds, you name it. And you’re not limited to the amount or source of data for each message, so product recommendations based on category affinity, inventory, and weather is a slam dunk with Cordial as your email service provider.

Future-proof workflows with native drag-and-drop Message Builder

Sending out more messages shouldn’t mean more headaches for your marketing and development teams. By using Message Builder, designers and developers can build reusable, on-brand marketing email templates, including complex dynamic content blocks with logic and personalization. Cordial's email template builder allows marketers to quickly drag and drop blocks, enabling the creation of messages in minutes without requiring a single line of code.

Email segmentation at the contact-level, not just at the cohort level

Create and save hyper-specific audience segments in seconds (not days or weeks, like in legacy platforms) using simple and/or statements. Audiences are updated in real-time based on your inputs without the need for complicated queries or development support, empowering you to move faster, operate independently, and bring more campaigns to market.

Automate email optimization using machine learning

Create and test multiple automations against one another with the ability to select the best performing automation. Deploy A|B|n tests within orchestrations. Layer in message optimization using machine learning, allowing for testing of multiple variants with or without a champion. Test subject lines, email message content, message sequences all within the Cordial platform.

Trigger emails based on real-time events and behaviors

Let Cordial's infinite email triggers do the heavy lifting for you. Use one or as many combinations to send automated emails triggered by change to contact record, add to a newsletter list, or new website behavior like browsing sweaters or abandoning their cart. Trigger email automations on a recurring schedule or by API call to deploy: welcome series, winback series, cart abandonment, search abandonment, product abandonment, product alerts for low inventory, back in stock, price drop, new arrivals, and reminders for anniversaries, birthdays, replenishment, gifts, and wishlist.

Measure success and gather insights to continuously optimize

View performance for all your email messages at an individual campaign level or aggregated by type or tag. Create custom dashboards to chart email metrics such as opens and clicks next to website events such as cart adds and purchases. Track the size of your dynamic audiences over time with Audience Trends. Use the message analytics API endpoint to export your email data from Cordial to Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, or SFTP, one-time or on a recurring basis.

Confidently reach the inbox with deliverability services

Make sure your emails are reaching the inbox with Cordial's industry-leading in-house deliverability services. Cordial's team provides customized ramp plans designed to meet the needs and current performance of your program, one-on-one consulting and strategy, no support queues or hoops to jump through to get the support you need when you need it most.

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"The Cordial platform was really easy to set up and use. We were able to completely replace our journey builder within a couple weeks and saw an immediate benefit. When we wanted to make more changes to an email with our legacy ESP, we had to overhaul and rebuild our journey. With Cordial, we’ve been able to be a lot more efficient. Our team is saving so much time and is now able to focus on new ideas and creative approaches."

Aaron Pelander, VP, Brand Marketing

Personal, relevant, intelligent emails of all types

Batch emails

One-time, broadcast emails like newsletters, promotional emails, weekly updates, or big announcements

Triggered emails

Automatically sent based on any behavior or event, including in-store visits, purchases, search, browse, or cart abandonment, new subscription or sign-up, lapsed purchase or engagement, price drops, loyalty sign-up, and more. Send one email, or trigger a whole orchestration based on a series of events thanks to the flexibility of our email automation platform.

Transactional emails

Personalized order confirmations, shipping notifications, and replenishment emails. Transactional emails are often a forgotten source of additional revenue, and a great opportunity to drive engagement.

We’re Cordial for a reason—we’d love to meet your tech stack

Leverage Cordial's flexible data infrastructure to integrate with the tools you use to run your business. There’s no such thing as a black box here, so anything you put into Cordial, you can get out of Cordial.

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