Feeling locked into Oracle Responsys' inflexible platform? Break free with Cordial.

It's time to move beyond Responsys' decades-old, rigid, and expensive system. Elevate your marketing with Cordial—an innovative, data-driven platform designed for advanced strategies and modern marketers.

Leading companies are making the switch to Cordial.

What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

“The platform has been very stable enabling my team to spend less time troubleshooting and more time developing campaigns etc. Builds are faster & easier and QA takes less time.”

+50% improvement

in campaign sending speed with Cordial

"Since switching to Cordial email revenue is up 155% and conversion rate is up 232%. It’s unbelievable! The folks we are bringing to the site are ready and willing to convert!"

+155% increase

in email revenue with Cordial

Say goodbye to feeling stuck with Responsys.

Cordial’s streamlined data-centric email, SMS, and mobile app platform makes your team more productive and effective at driving loyalty.


Responsys lacks data storage capabilities, leading to siloed and inactive data. Furthermore, it relies on custom scripting in its proprietary language for messaging personalization, hindering the creation of even basic personalized emails.

Cordial integrates advanced data management with email, SMS, and mobile app marketing in one platform, allowing instant access to vast amounts of data for more personalized customer engagement across channels.

Responsys' fragmented architecture makes it hard to see the full customer picture. It's not user-friendly, and for businesses wanting an easy-to-use system, it's too manual, relies too much on vendors, and is not cost-effective.

Cordial's platform, with AI tools and an easy-to-use interface, empowers marketers to swiftly execute new strategies, from building audiences in seconds to deploying personalized messages and creating behavioral-led journeys.

Responsys lacks personalized support, which is compounded by its confusing interface. Unless you're a top client for Oracle, obtaining answers can be a real struggle, and strategic advice is out of reach.

Cordial true to its name, embraces a genuine partnership with in-house experts dedicated to providing a human and vested experience.

Cordial out performs Responsys in every category

Cordial is rated 4.6 out of 5 on G2

Responsys is rated 3.9 out of 5 on G2


Meets Requirements Cordial 9.0Responsys 7.9

Ease of Use Cordial 8.4Responsys 6.7

Ease of Setup Cordial 7.5Responsys 6.6

Ease of Admin Cordial 8.8Responsys 8.4

Quality of Support Cordial 9.7Responsys 6.5

Has the product been a good partner in doing business? Cordial 9.8Responsys 7.1

Product Direction (% positive) Cordial 9.4Responsys 6.6

Email Campaigns Cordial 9.5Responsys 9.2

Audience Segmentation Cordial 9.3Responsys 8.9





















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How you win

Cordial's data-centric platform makes your team more productive, impactful, and saves you money.

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in total benefits over 3 years


saved in reducing costs


gained in incremental revenue


payback period

Join the modern marketers upgrading from legacy platforms for unmatched success.