Design intelligent cross-channel marketing campaign orchestrations

With Cordial’s Orchestration Builder, easily connect personalized content, channels, customer and business data, and insights to design relevant customer journeys.

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Example of Podium Orchestration user interface
Create connected customer experiences across all your channels

Deploy data-backed touchpoints that fit your brand—whether it’s integrating with complex business processes, testing the best cross-channel welcome sequence, or driving customers to social channels from within your mobile app. Trigger an automated series of emails, text messages, mobile push notifications, and REST API calls from one campaign orchestration.

Respond to what your customers are doing right now

Using multiple real-time data feeds from anywhere in your business, automatically trigger messages based on changing customer behavior like interactions with in-store kiosks, website activity, mobile app interaction, message engagement, and more.

Experiment and optimize campaigns at a granular level

Simultaneously test multiple variants, campaigns, and automations by using A|B|n testing and machine-learning to select the best-performing option. Our marketing orchestration tools empower you to deploy flexible tactics to acquire, engage, convert and retain users, and optimize each campaign at a granular level—for example, subject line or message body.

Measure performance and drive revenue

Set goals and view metrics directly with inline analytics, and easily share results with other team members. Access real-time engagement and conversion data at every point of the workflow to identify blockers or drop-off points. View multi-channel orchestration analytics and visualize how individual campaigns connect through the customer journey.

"Modern customers, for any business, live in a world with multiple screens, infinite content, and a nearly endless scroll of choices. Yet so many marketers continue to think of each communication channel and strategy in a silo, which is a fast-track to irrelevance. The days of single-channel marketing, and of one-way customer funnels, are gone. And the days of thinking about a monolithic target customer, or even segments of customers, are also outdated. Instead, we need to think about centering each individual customer prospect and then deploying the right combination of messages and channels for that person. "

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