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Send millions of unique, personalized messages in one template

Cordial’s dynamic drag-and-drop content blocks and reusable message templates enable marketers to harness the power of the Cordial Data Platform (CDP).

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Example of Cordial Sculpt template builder
1:1 personalization at scale

Messaging is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Crafting the perfect message in Cordial means you can create personalized, engaging communications as unique as your customers. The magic of our message builder is the ability to activate customer data from all your connected sources and turn it into dynamic message content. Give the marketer the power to deploy millions of individualized messages all from one campaign without writing any code.

Optimized workflows between marketing and technology teams

Decrease message production time by 30%, and save valuable time for other creative projects. Your developers can build reusable content blocks to your brand standards, and your marketing team can start creating messages in minutes without ongoing technical support. Marketers have more flexibility to create the campaigns of their dreams, while development resources get time back in their day to focus on other projects.

Create on-brand messages by dragging and dropping

Build your own custom drag and drop content blocks without being forced into arbitrary code limitations that WYSIWYG editors offer. Build reusable content blocks using variables to lock down editable elements and maintain full code-level control of brand standards. Design what the marketer sees during message creation so they can quickly edit and customize messages using simple, intuitive form controls.

Test more, win faster

With time saved from manual message creation, marketers can focus on optimization and improved results. Mix and match top performing blocks, test new layouts, and let machine learning rapidly identify and automatically shift traffic to the best performing content, driving more revenue for you, and a better experience for your customer.

Emily Slade
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"Cordial's drag-and-drop editor makes it fast and simple to create an email template. I don't have to touch a line of code to deploy a campaign."

Emily Slade, CoFounder and COO, Valence

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